Use your smart phone or tablet as a remote shutter release for your DSLR

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I’ve purchased remote shutter releases for all of the Nikon DSLRs that I own.  Some are wireless, some are wired, but they all require me to push a button to get a photo – and that’s all it can do.  With the Triggertrap cable and an app for your smart phone (most versions of iPhone and the 5th gen iPod touch, some Android phones) or tablet (most versions of iPad, iPad mini, and some Android tablets), you can trigger your camera in a variety of ways.  You plug the Triggertrap cable into the headphone jack of your mobile device and the other end into the camera’s cable release port to control your camera to take photos in bulb or regular mode.  You control the camera by tapping on the screen, by sound (such as yelling “surprise”), TimeLapse to take a photo at specified time intervals, or TimeWarp (time lapse with acceleration), DistanceLapse (uses GPS to snap photos at specified distances), vibrations, and other triggering methods.  Triggertrap cables are available at Photojojo for Nikon and Canon camera models for $30.00 each.

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