Sony announces 3D Blu-ray players

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Sony have just announced details on their new BDP-S470 and BDP-S570 Blu-ray players – the company’s first commercially available 3D players.

The entry-level BDP-S470 will be upgradeable to 3D Blu-ray via a software update, however the BDP-S570 will come 3D-ready, straight out of the box.

All you need to do is connect either up to a 3D TV and they’ll deliver full 1080p 3D viewing using Sony’s Active Shutter technology.

Each device can also hook up to the web to access the new Bravia Internet Video service, which features catch-up TV, including the BBC iPlayer. There’s also the ability to stream rented movies via LOVEFiLM – a feature also coming to some Sony Bravia TVs – and the players can access YouTube to boot.

The BDP-S570 also comes with Wi-Fi, while the BDP-S470 uses an ethernet connection, but it can be upgraded to wireless using a Sony USB Wi-Fi dongle.   Plus, a bonus feature of these players is that they can both be controlled by using an iPhone or iPod touch!

Both players will be available from the end of March, but Sony haven’t divulged on price tags yet.

3 thoughts on “Sony announces 3D Blu-ray players”

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  2. If the first Player can play 3D with a “software update” then why can’t all BluRay & DVD players be updated to play 3D. Another thing, if you still need to wear glasses, what the hell is the TV and BluRay Player actually doing? It’s like buying a “new and improved” dishwasher, but you need to wash the dishes yourself. This is a con people.

  3. I agree with Richard. Why couldn’t all of our (almost new) BluRay players be updated. If this new one has software that can be updated to 3D then it should work for all of them. Soo…check on this for us Julie.

  4. @Joy What player do you currently have? I suspect they’ll probably release a firmware update across the range this year, but I can find out for you. Jay

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