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pierrecardingal01I’ve seen fashion designers get their fingers into every kind of pie imaginable: clothes,  handbags, shoes, fragrances, even automobiles (Coach, Eddie Bauer).  But now, designers are putting their stamp or rather their label on the tech world.  Pierre Cardin has partnered with China’s Shenzhen Vogue Industries to brand a touchscreen device.  On the outside, the netbooks look like your average and sundry computer laptop but reports coming in say the device is powered by a C7-M processor and comes with no operating system…for $300.00.  Or $450 with Windows 7.  Now if you’re into labels and Heaven knows some people are or the labels  wouldn’t be making money in an iffy economy, then the Pierre Cardin is for you.  However, I use a small netbook because it’s light, portable and I get good battery life.  In short, I use it and work on it.  So I need a battery life that the Pierre Cardin tablet PC simply will not get me while I pretend I’m one of the girls from Sex and the City sipping a Cosmopolitan at a fancy Art bar.  I’m guessing that geeks, nerds, techies, propeller-heads, gadgeteers, whatever you want to call us, are far more interested in getting the most bang for our techie buck and slapping a chi-chi label on our electronics isn’t going to impress us.

[Via Engadget]

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