Boats-To-Go MP3 Boombox Review


Back in 1984 (geesh, I'm old) I received a wonderful Christmas present.  It was my very first boom box, and it had dual tape decks and a radio, and a line-in jack to plug up a microphone.  I didn't want one of those single tape deck boom boxes, no sir. I wanted to be big [...]

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Is there still a market for stand alone MP3 players when so many of us have smart phones and other devices with that capability already built in? I think so because I still use my iPod Classic because my iPhone can't hold my entire music library. TheKube2 can hold way more tunes than my iPhone [...]

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This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.   It's almost summer - time to drive around with the windows down, enjoying the warm weather and blasting your tunes. Kia Rio and Spotify have joined to help you create a soundtrack for your travels with their "Best Songs with your Windows [...]

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Ringtones for your phone is nothing new, but how would you like to customize the "ringtone" of your doorbell? The MP3 DJ Doorbell from Swann gives you that power. The wireless system is comprised of a speaker unit and a push button doorbell unit that attaches to the outside of your door. Insert an SD [...]

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Let's be real here, OK? iTunes has never been a great program where sound quality is concerned. Steve Jobs famously said that music was in Apple's DNA.  That may be, but I wouldn't call Apple an audiophile company. Despite that, I use iTunes every day mainly because it's just so darned easy, plus it does [...]

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As headphones become more popular as an audio accessory and fashion statement, some companies have been able to adapt to this evolving market better than others. Some lean more towards the design while others cater to the audiophile crowd. V-Moda has tried to have it both ways. With the over-ear (circumaural) Crossfade LP, they succeeded [...]

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Check out this cute audio player in the shape of two of our all time favorite Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. The R2-D2 shaped player has a 2GB capacity, that will allow storage of up to 500 songs which can be played with or without the C-3PO shaped earphones. There aren't many extra details [...]

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SanDisk just announced a new addition to their popular Clip family called the Clip Zip.  This ultra portable mp3 player comes in 7 different colors and is available in both 4GB and 8GB versions.  Colors for the 8GB version are limited to grey and black.  The Clip Zip is priced at $49.99 for the 4GB [...]

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Cinepal 01

With all of our MP3 music, digital pictures, digital videos, not to mention e-books, wouldn't it be great to house all of them in one device? Oh wait, there is... Introducing the 8" inch Cinepal Personal Media player (APMP10F)  from Aluratek. This media player has the ability to play your music, show your photos, play [...]

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Netgear ReadyNAS Management Console - Automatic Power Shutdown and Startup Configuration Screen

In today's connected home we take pictures digitally, listen to digital audio on our MP3 players, and download and watch digital movies on our HD TV’s.  All of these digital media files take up a copious amount of space and the growth of these files is outpacing our ability to store and protect them.  Thankfully, [...]

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Rockit 01

They say good things come in small packages and the Rock-It Portable Vibration Speaker System is no exception. However, with its surprisingly generated vibrating "pod"  it is not without its drawbacks. The idea behind the Rock-It portable vibration speaker system is that it sends strong vibrations through a small speaker that is attached to an [...]

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StealthGuards Skins


StealthGuards 'military grade' full body skins are available for many cell phones and MP3 players for FREE, just pay $2.85 S&H. For $2 extra, get two of the same sets. The usual price for most small devices is $14.99, so it is a nice deal! They are a precision-cut. 'self-healing' skin made from the material [...]

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Like most people in the 21st century, I own a few types of mp3 players including a few from the iPod line, the iPad, a few from Sony, and the many other electronics that have the mp3 function built-in like cell phones.  I was looking for a cheap basic mp3 player.  The Green House Kana [...]

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Today Sony announced the new Walkman E-Series video MP3 player, which features up to 50 hours of audio playback (mp3 files at 128 kbps) and 10 hours of video playback (WMV at 384 kbps). This new player also features 2 of Sony's own technologies: Clear Audio and SenseMe. Clear Audio is an audio technology that [...]

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Wish you had a place to stow your iPod while running or traveling?  Koyono's  BlackCoat-T and -Tx line of cargo T-shirts features two specially-designed, hidden pockets that are interconnected by a single passageway.  A central zipper opening provides easy storage and removal.  Use it for an iPod an a cell or whatever combination of person [...]

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