Be like Indiana Jones and make this your EDC bag!

magnoli props indybag 4

NEWS – Attention Indiana Jones fans! Channel your inner adventuring archeologist and check out this replica of the EDC bag that Indy used in the movies. The bag is based on a British Mark VII gas mask bag from World War II. It’s made of canvas and available in two versions: one with an open interior and one with the organizational structure that you see below. This isn’t a Chinese knockoff of a movie prop like the first lame Indiana Jones Grail Diary that I reviewed last year. Nope, it’s more like the better hand-made RamseyProps Indiana Jones Grail Diary I reviewed later. The British Mark VII Satchel is handmade by Magnoli Props of New Zealand. You can order one for $58.00 directly from their site. Who wants me to review it? πŸ™‚

magnoli props indybag 1

magnoli props indybag 2

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7 thoughts on “Be like Indiana Jones and make this your EDC bag!”

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  2. Julie, I have been bag-sober for almost a year now.
    Mostly because I can’t afford the saddleback leather thirteener (yet).
    But this bag here is sorely tempting.
    Let me look at their shipping policy. However the taxes in Uganda will be atrocious.

  3. I have one of the unused bags from Temple of Doom. Being in TV for 25 years you get to know people. That one is pretty close to the OG πŸ™‚

      1. It is cool, I used it all the time and it is now my GenCon Bag. The OG ones have a fabric strap that is unattachable. Made from the same material as GI Webbing belts (at the time).

  4. This looks great. I live in the UK so I occasionally see such things at markets and reenactment fairs.
    I am tempted.
    Just seen a 1944 one on ebay for half the price. I am willing to bet it smells musky however!

  5. Robert Grenader

    A war surplus Gas mask bag was the first one I carried throughout college. I took a lot of heat in the ’70s to carry a what was called a purse.

    I don’t know what happened to the original bag i had, but decades later, I am still carrying an equivalent.

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