The HDTV-Support Multimedia Player from Gadget4All doesn’t connect to any online media services, but it will let you play your own media from CF, SD, MS, and XD data cards, hard drives, or flash drives with no computer and no internet connection required.  It supports a variety of formats for video (in HD / PAL /… Read More

The P8Z from Chinon is an alarm clock, calendar, digital picture frame, audiobook player, and more.  In addition to the digital FM radio (with 30 presets) you expect with an alarm clock, the P8Z can play music or audiobooks from an SD/MS/MMC card inserted into the 3-in-1 card reader.  The 3.5″, full-color, high-resolution screen that… Read More

With PowerDVD Mobile v3.0 on your Android tablet (running Android 3.0 and above) and PowerDVD on your Windows PC, you can seamlessly connect and easily share, play and download media.  You can access your PC’s multimedia content from the tablet or stream content from the PC to the tablet.  Use your tablet to playback your favorite… Read More

With all of our MP3 music, digital pictures, digital videos, not to mention e-books, wouldn’t it be great to house all of them in one device? Oh wait, there is… Introducing the 8″ inch Cinepal Personal Media player (APMP10F)  from Aluratek. This media player has the ability to play your music, show your photos, play… Read More

Bag TV London offers a handbag that lets you carry and display a 7″ DVD/mp3 player.  The device is carried in a special pocket that allows the player to show through a clear vinyl panel so you can watch a video or display your pictures through the side of your purse.  There’s also a panel that buttons… Read More

The Cirago TV Pro CTP1000 Multimedia Player is a slick device that lets you play a wide variety of digital media on your TV. This sounded like the perfect thing for me- I have a bunch of photos, videos, and music scattered over several computers and it would be nice to store them all in… Read More