Kana Micro MP3 Player Review

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Like most people in the 21st century, I own a few types of mp3 players including a few from the iPod line, the iPad, a few from Sony, and the many other electronics that have the mp3 function built-in like cell phones.  I was looking for a cheap basic mp3 player.  The Green House Kana Micro MP3 Player is like the iPod Shuffle but without the hassle of iTunes.


Inside the box, you’ll find the mp3 player, basic headphones, and Japanese instructions since it’s an imported item.



The Kana Micro MP3 Player is shaped like a usb flash drive.


There is a single button on one side to power it on and off.  Two buttons on the other side for volume control and playback controls.


Headphone jack on one end.  It even has a loop hole so you can attach it to your keys or even use it as a phone charm!


And on the USB end is a slot for a micro SD card.  The Kana Micro MP3 Player doesn’t come with any memory at all.  It uses micro SD cards and I’m sure everyone has many of those laying around from all their accumulated tech over the years.  It accepts micro SDHC as well up to 32GB.  This player supports the .mp3 and .wma format.  It also has a 2 hour built-in battery that charges from the USB slot.  And of course you can use this MP3 Player as an USB flash drive to store documents and files.

Putting the music on the player is as simple as it can get.  1) Put the micro SD card in the slot.  2) Plug it into the computer.  3) Drag and drop your music into the drive.  4) Done.

It supports nested folders so you can organize your music however you like.  There is no playlist support.  It’s just a basic mp3 player and I like it for its simplicity.


And the best thing is the price.  It only costs $15.20 from Strapya-World.  It also comes in 8 different colors.


Product Information

Price:$15.20 from Strapya-World
Manufacturer:Green House
  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Expandable memory
  • none

6 thoughts on “Kana Micro MP3 Player Review”

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  2. And this is it. I’m unsubscribing, have a nice day, idiots. It’s 21st century as you mentioned. I hope you got a good kick-back for promoting such incredible crap.

  3. Haha…a hug is definitely in order. Sometimes the cheaper products need to be reviewed as well. There are always people looking for cheaper alternatives to higher end products and it’s good to know which ones get the job done.

  4. Sansa Clip….Plays : FLAC and has a 6 Hr. batt life w/screen and Micro SD slot w/radio. $30 for a 2-4 GB. awesome recorder mic too. use it for my Berlitz Language courses. Refurb or new, uses a “clip” to mount most places. don’t get me wrong, i use Green house kit from Akihabara, but it does not last too long due to component material.

  5. Got one and I’m very happy about it. It may not be the latest full-featured mp3 player but it’s exactly what I wanted, something very small (so I could fit it inside of a helmet) with very basic functionality that works without any hassle, and very cheap so I don’t actually care too much if I break it or lose it. Perfect for my needs.

  6. @Fuchikoma.x Yes the Sansa clip is an excellent little player. Unfortunately, I left mine on a plane with a 16GB card – now somebody has all of my learn Japanese MP3s for free – I hope they use them wisely. Last night I was in Shinjuku and found one of these in the bargain bin at Yamada Denki for just 480 yen! Add an 8GB microSD from the same shop for 840 yen, and you have an excellent little player/useful capacity USB key that cost next to nothing that I really don’t care if somebody as forgetful as me loses.

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