Julie’s Favorite Gear


Updated on 11/05/15

Hey folks, here’s my ever evolving listing of the gear (and other favorite things) that I use on a daily basis. Each category has been sorted in order of usage. The most used item is on top. I’m also posting regular gadget diary posts and EDC updates where I talk about the gadgets I’m using and adventures I’m having on any particular day.

Smartphone and Related Accessories:

  • LG G3 Android smartphone – I have been using this phone since 08/2014 and am ready to upgrade to something new. I have ordered a Google Nexus 6P but am still waiting for it to arrive. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it as I think it’s going to be huge compared to the LG G3, but we’ll see.
  • TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger review – Qi wireless charging stand that I use on the night stand next to my bed.
  • Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charging Stand – I have 2 of these. One in my office and one on my desk at my day job.
  • KeyShair Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse sharing adapter – Handy little USB adapter that lets you use your PC or Mac’s keyboard and mouse to control an Android or iOS device (keyboard only for iOS).

Computers and Accessories:

  • Apple 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display – I use this computer for everything from gadgeteer work, couch surfing to travelling.
  • LandingZone DOCK – I use this dock to connect my MacBook Pro to my LG monitor and other accessories. It makes it so easy to grab and go without having to disconnect individual cables.
  • Samsung Galaxy S Tab 10.5 – This 32GB tablet lives on my coffee table and I use almost every day to play Cookie Jam, check email and do surfing, etc.
  • Logitech V470 Bluetooth Cordless Laser Mouse – I use this with my Macbook Air. I like the smaller size and fact that it doesn’t require me to plug in a USB dongle. The down side is that it sometimes I have to manually reset/pair it because it will lose connection after I wake up my laptop.

Other Office Equipment:

lg-29ea73-1 epson-artisan800-8 coalesse-powerpod-3

Cameras and Related Gear:

canon-70d eyefi-3

Audio / Video Home Theater Gear:

roku-2-xs-2 dropcam-pro-1 dunu-titan1-6
  • Roku 2 XS – I’m using this streaming media player for watching free movies and shows with my Amazon Prime Instant Video account and Netflix. It’s tiny, silent and never seems to have a hiccup.
  • Dropcam Pro – I keep an eye on my house with this remote Wifi camera. The web interface doesn’t seem to work well anymore though, so I’m looking for a replacement camera.
  • DUNU TITAN 1 in-ear earphones – Current favorite earphones. I usually hate in-ear style buds, but these are half in-ear and are more like earbuds. They are very comfortable and sound amazing. They come with a nice plastic storage box too.

Car Gear:

vicsing satechi-media-button-4 magellan-mivue

Miscellaneous Gear:

diy-midori-17 uniball-jetstream-1 sidekick-7 daddario-nano


ledlenser-p7-10 photon-light

Gear Bags, Pouches, Cases, Wallets and other items of holding:

edc-bag-04-29-2013 waterfield-finn-8 waterfield-duffle-4 kensington-ipadmini-1

Other Geek Gear:

sev-lola-1 roboreel-2 magkey-1

My Favorite Android Apps:

  • WakeVoice – Great alarm clock app for Android that speaks the time, weather and news headlines and can be stopped with a hand gesture.
  • Spotify – My current favorite audio streaming app. I switched to Pandora for awhile but have been really enjoying Spotify because it’s free and you can listen to any song or album instead of a “random” selection of similar songs.
  • Tasker – Automation app.
  • Words with Friends – This is pretty much the only game I play. I’m not that good, but I still enjoy it.
  • Pure Calendar – Calendar widget that can be customized.
  • Nova Launcher Prime – I’m never happy with stock anything, so this app let’s me tweak my phone’s interface.
  • Keep – Great little basic note and list making app that syncs across devices and allows for real time collaboration