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Finally, an iOS keyboard that I've been wanting!  Gboard is Google's new app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you search web results, search emojis and GIFs without leaving the keyboard. It also brings glide typing (think, Swype) to iOS. I just downloaded it, and it's made me so happy. iPhone and iPad users, this might [...]

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In this day and age of recording devices and selfie sticks, it's fun to see what's out there in terms of videography gear.  iVue has come out with the Horizon Pro Sport Camera glasses, which allow you to record video right from the eyeglass frame, and useful for recording while you are doing outdoor activities [...]

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As a systems engineer, I know that I.T. and remote control software go hand in hand.  I appreciate good support tools, so I had to grab the chance to review the premium version of TeamViewer, since I'm a fan of using the free version at home with friends and family. Note: Images can be clicked on to [...]

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Most gaming keyboards out there are quite pricey with tons of features. Not everyone can afford a mechanical keyboard, with all the bells and whistles such as macro keys and special LED effects. The Masione LED USB gaming keyboard is an affordable option to those who want a standard macro keys, pretty LEDs, and a [...]

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The verykool Spark LTE SL5011 Android phone is an affordable alternative to other Android smartphones in the market right now.  We here at The Gadgeteer have received a few of these to review, so let's take a look at this Spark LTE SL5011 and what features are packed in this 5" smartphone. Note: Images can be [...]

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Ever since I've purchased the Apple Watch, I've been wanting a stand for it that helps me charge it easily and display it on my desk, since the cable it comes with can be hard to find in a messy space. The HoverDock by Just Mobile is a low-profile charging stand that has integrated support for Apple [...]

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I simply love nice bags almost as much as I love technology.  I need a good bag for work, but also for the weekends, since I love to load up my Macbook Pro, a camera and various notebooks depending on what I'm working on.  I had the opportunity to review the Case Logic LoDo satchel, so [...]

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Google has announced that it's going to shut down its Picasa Desktop application on March 15th, 2016 in order to focus entirely on Google Photos. If you are a user of the Picasa desktop app, it will continue to work, but the download link and updates will no longer exist after March. If you are a [...]

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Instagram, the popular photo sharing app has finally added multiple account support on mobile. You can now add up to five accounts to switch back and forth to, and be able to tell which account you're logged into at any given time. This will be available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android. [...]

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I love a good pen.  It's something that I use every day along with a good notebook, so having a good writing instrument is important to me.  Olixar has released the Hexstyli 6-in-1 pen that has various gadgets built into it. Let's take a look and see what it has. Note: Images can be clicked to view [...]

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Many of us depend on the internet for doing so many things in our homes.  We do research, pay bills, get entertainment, and keep in touch with our family and friends.  This can be frustrating if we lose electricity due to a storm or other circumstances.  APC has created a battery backup that also includes a [...]

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Monitors, monitors, and more monitors - I need as many as possible when I'm working.  I work for a network operations center, so my eyes are constantly on screens looking out for I.T. issues, writing emails, helping users with remote sessions, troubleshooting servers, and the like.  Just like at work, my home office needs a decent set up [...]

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Are you a maker? Inventor? Tinkerer? Want to play with Arduino but not sure what modules you need yet? Meet mCookie, a set of cool new magnetic and Arduino-compatible modules from Microduino.  Note: Images can be clicked on to view a larger size. These mCookie modules dramatically decrease the size of prototyping and allow you to work with [...]

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When you are working within a video or photo editing app, or just listening to music, sometimes it's nice to have a manual controller for certain functions.  This is where the Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth comes in handy.  This little aluminum device can be used for many things, so let's take a look. Note: Images can [...]

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It's back to school time, and you'll need some awesome carry gear for all of your stuff, especially if you have a laptop and other electronics.  Incase is known for their awesome line of bags, laptop sleeves, and phone accessories.   I was given the chance to check out the 15" Reform Backpack, so let's take [...]

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