iPad sleeve

Finding the perfect laptop sleeve is a lesson in compromise. The optimal design most people seek is a balance between protection, fashion, storage and utility. Just exactly what qualities are most important is based on one’s own proclivity for each feature. The Inateck MP1305 sleeve delivers a fashion forward design with the ability to prop up the computer for video playback or… Read More

As an iPad user, I am always interested in seeing what new covers and sleeves are available. I especially like the “non-form-fitting” sleeves, so that I can use them with other covers, backing cases, etc. Such is the Lorton and Horn iPad sleeve. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image. Made… Read More

I’ve tried a lot of iPad mini cases – Apple’s Smart Cover, Khomo full-body case, sleeves, zipper pouches, and tiny messenger-style bags.  This beautiful iPad mini Sleeve from Mujjo is unlike any I’ve tried before.  It’s a sleeve case, as you can see, but it’s not made of the normal fabric, leather, or faux leather… Read More

Like most everyone who has ever used one, I love my iPad. And, true to my gadget-loving nature, I’m never satisfied with the case I’m using for long. Sometimes, I want a casual case, sometimes I want maximum protection, and sometimes I want it to look nice, because I’m going to be in a business… Read More

This review covers three bags from SLAPPA – the Velocity SPYDER PRO 15.4″ laptop backpack, the Manalishi 15.4″ laptop sleeve, and the Damask 10″ sleeve. They are a representative sample of the wide range of styles and sizes SLAPPA offers. The 15.4″ sleeve isn’t too distinctive, but the other two show SLAPPA’s focus on unique styling… Read More

When I ordered my iPad mini, I immediately started looking around for a sleeve for it.  I planned to get the Smart Cover for it (for the review, at least), but I find those don’t protect my device as well as I’d like while it’s in my bag.  I wanted a sleeve that was just… Read More

Earlier this year, we told you about some beautiful Dutch-made cases made of natural wool felt and organic tanned leather for Apple devices.  Mujjo, located in Holland, is now introducing their sleeve case for the iPad mini.   This handmade sleeve has a body made of 100% natural felt with a water-repellent finish.  The flap and… Read More

If you like to have your iPad in the kitchen while you cook, you know the hazards of protecting it.  Whether you’re using a recipe in an ebook, following directions on a cooking show, or just listening to music or watching a video, you need to protect the iPad from spills.  Chef Sleeve has two… Read More

There are a lot of options for covering up and protecting your iPad.  Some people opt for book-style cases, some for sleeves, and others for nothing.  We’ve seen everything from a clear sticker to cases with built-in keyboards to wooden boxes.  I’ve opted for just a TPU back cover from Belkin, but that leaves my… Read More

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