Building things with LEGO bricks is fun, but if you want to shed new light on the fun, you should check out Light Stax. Light Stax are LEGO and Mega Blox compatible bricks that light up without wires. Each Light Stax brick contains a LED and electrical contacts on the brick posts. Build your model… Read More

If you’ve been looking for one more reason why humanity is doomed, look no further than wearable remote controlled animal tails. No, I’m not kidding.  Available in baby fox, baby cat, baby wolf, original wolf, and original cat models, these wearable tails attach to your belt for some tail wagging, tail trembling, and the ever… Read More

Imagine this… you’re racing your RC car along the ground when an unexpected obstacle suddenly blocks your path. Instead of crashing, the car zooms into the air where you continue controlling it in flight. If that sounds like more fun than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then you have to check out this RC flying car… Read More

Oh LEGO, you know the way to a geek’s heart is through their love of rockets and space. Just take a nice long look at this ultra cool model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V rocketship. Designed by Felix Stiessen and Valérie Roche of the LEGO Ideas team, this model is a 1:110 scale replica… Read More

Fidget toys have become very popular lately and it seems like everywhere I look there’s a new crowdfunding campaign for a spinning toy. Fun, but not unique. That’s where the Kururin flipping toy is different. It’s made of wood and designed to tumble end over end across a flat surface. Watching someone play with a… Read More

Dinosaur loving kids and adults alike will be the envy of every geek in the cafeteria when they in with this T-Rex head lunchbox. The Dino Case is designed like the world’s most popular but extinct reptile, the Tyrannosaurus rex. By the way, did you know that rex means king in Latin? Now you do… Read More

Usually, I write about a specific product in my news stories and reviews for The Gadgeteer. But recently I came across a website that blew me away with their models. The Little Planet Factory builds models of our solar system including realistic meteors (or small bodies as they are listed on the web page). These… Read More

Over the course of my time with the Gadgeteer I’ve had the opportunity to review several different drones. I’ve reviewed big drones, little drones, and video drones. Two such drones, the Axis Vidius 420P video drone, and the Axis Aerius quadcopter, both flew well, but the Vidius was a bit bigger and had a built-in camera… Read More

Drones have become a little boring in the last year or two because they are all pretty much the same. Parrot is changing all of that with their Mambo drone that comes with cannon and grabber attachments that take drone flying fun to the next level. The Parrot Mambo Drone can pair with your smartphone… Read More

Fidget toys are the latest gadget craze for geeks. Stop chewing your pen cap or twirling your pencil and grab the Orbiter fidget toy from TEC Accessories. It’s a fun and unique stress reliever. Let’s take it for a spin – literally. What is it? The Orbiter is a two-piece fidget toy made of grade 5… Read More

Who would want a traditional (aka boring) drone when you can have this remote controlled bird of prey instead. The remote controlled bald eagle has a carbon fiber frame with nylon and polyester wings that are 9.5 feet wide from feather tip to feather tip. The included rechargeable lithium battery powered wireless transmitter controls flight… Read More

The iconic red framed Etch A Sketch from Ohio Art was one of my all time favorite toys when I was a kid. I can remember expertly turning the white plastic knobs with both hands to move the little etching point through the gray canvas of metal powder to create drawings. Draw, shake to erase and… Read More

While adults (in body but not mind) are busy congregating on Facebook sharing questionable political memes, kids can visit a safe online community that has been created just for them. LEGO Life is a free app for Android and iOS devices where kids up to 13 years old can share pictures of their LEGO creations, comment… Read More

One of the best parts of being a father is being able to play with toys with my children. Despite my age, I’m still a child at heart; I have roughly the same maturity level and attention span as my children. I often find myself having just as much fun with my children’s toys as they… Read More

Remember the classic Pong game? If you’re a millennial, I’m talking about the arcade game and not the drinking game! If you would like to relive the golden age of video games, you can do so with this kit from Haynes that will give you all the tools and skills (foundation of electronics and soldering)… Read More