GraviTrax is the new game, toy you didn’t know you needed until now

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NEWS – Who cares about EDC, multi-tools, knives, and wallets, when you can play with marbles! Wait, don’t hit your back button just yet! GraviTrax looks like a fun way to change things up with your family. Instead of having your eyes glued to your phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, you can get a GraviTrax set and build an awesome marble run and then race with your family members to see who wins. No, it doesn’t sound lame. It looks like fun to me. 😉 If it looks like fun to you too, head over to GraviTrax to read more about their starter sets and accessories. You can also order from Amazon.

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  2. My sons love building tracks and we saw this on sale in July and somehow saved it for a Christmas gift. It was a hit. Loads of fun and easy for even small hands to build tracks with.

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