ModiBot review – Fun customizable action figures

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REVIEW – Do you like action figures? What about LEGO minifigs? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I think you’ll enjoy ModiBot action figures too. Let’s find out why I say that.

What is it?

ModiBot “Mo” figures are 5-inch tall DIY action figures that you can assemble and customize.

What’s in the box?

What you get all depends on what you order. I was sent 2 ModiBot action figure kits along with some extra parts and accessories.

Design and features

The action figure kit includes 19 parts that are made of high-impact PETG plastic like the plastic used to make water and soda bottles. The plastic is very strong and durable and is even recyclable as plastic #1.

I was sent a kit in orange and translucent blue.

Each molded part has either a socket or a ball (or both) that is used to connect the parts together to form the figure. The parts also have 6-sided sockets that can be used to attach extra accessories.

The kit comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet that provides a simple diagram of how to build the figure.

It also shows you how to connect the pieces which is important because it’s possible to break sockets if you don’t assemble them correctly. But as you can see from the image above, replacements are available if a part does break during assembly.

The first step to assembly Mo the ModiBot is to lay out the pieces as you see here. Those extra pieces are useful for attaching a tail to Mo 😉

Then using the proper assembly method, you start putting the parts together. I will say that the plastic is very stiff and it does take effort to snap the balls into their appropriate sockets.

All that’s left is Mo’s head and for some reason, I found it the hardest part to attach.

Success! Check out Mo the ModiBot in all his action figure awesomeness.

The cool thing about ModiBots are the joints that allow you to pose Mo in almost any way you can think of.

Take a seat Mo!

The joints feel sturdy and have enough friction that they keep the pose without collapsing. I don’t know if continued play will wear out the joints, but you can always your ModiBot a new torso or shoulder should he need one down the road.

Mo is supervising the next ModiBot assembly operation.

Next up is a ModiBot in translucent blue.

Mo #1 and Mo #2. BFs forever.

Another really fun thing about ModiBots is the ability to customize them with “clothes”, gear, and accessories that you can buy from the ModiBot store or print your own with a 3D printer. I was sent a few accessories like roller skates and a helmet.

And tactical army gear and a pumpkin head. You can also find several pages of ModiBot gear that you can buy directly from ModiBot and Shapeways. And if you want to 3D print your own ModiBots and accessories, they have posted ‘free to print’ models on Thingiverse (as kidmechano) and on Tinkercad. You are free to print those for non-commercial purposes.

See it in action

What I like

  • Customizable action figure
  • Fun!

What I’d change

  • Nothing I can think of

Final thoughts

If you like toys and action figures that are infinitely configurable then you will definitely want to check out ModiBots. They might not have a smirky smile like those other popular minifigs, but ModiBots can do a lot more and are only limited by your imagination.

Price: $10.99 and up
Where to buy:
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ModiBot.

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