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iClever IC-F53 Bluetooth FM transmitter review

The majority of my workday involves me driving around a Police car, patrolling the town. As a football fan, I spend a good deal of time listening to Sports Talk radio in the Police car. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I spend an even greater amount of time experiencing frustration. Occasionally, I grow weary of …

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iClever Bluetooth receiver & FM transmitter review

As a police officer, I spend a significant portion of my day in a vehicle, patrolling. While on patrol, I enjoy having something to listen to in the background. In the past I was satisfied listening to terrestrial radio, but more and more I find I’d rather listen to streaming radio or podcasts. None of our …

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Wirelessly transmit your music to an FM radio

Even if your car doesn’t have an input connector or Bluetooth, you can still wirelessly stream your music from your iPhone 5 to your car’s stereo.  The Dedicated FM Transmitter for iPhone 5 from Allputer plugs into the audio jack and the Lightning connector and draws power from your phone to transmit your music.  It has …

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Griffin iTrip Auto review

Most folks these days carry some kind of device with them that has at least a subset of their music collection on it. Some have services like Spotify, Pandora, or some other service that will deliver music to a smartphone. When we get in our cars, however, there’s usually no built-in connection for getting the …

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Digipower FM-CS100 2-in-1 Bumper Case with Built-in FM Transmitter for iPhone 4/4S

The Digipower FM-CS100 2-in-1 Bumper Case with Built-in FM Transmitter protects your iPhone 4/4S and lets you transmit sound wirelessly to any FM radio.  The FM transmitter is built-in to the polycarbonate and silicone bumper-style case, and it works with worldwide adjustable frequencies.  With the case, you can charge your iPhone and a second device …

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Satechi SoundFly VIEW Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

The SoundFly VIEW Bluetooth FM Transmitter from Satechi is a car gadget for those of us that are not fortunate enough to own a Bluetooth enabled vehicle (like my 2006 Mazda 3). Here at The Gadgeteer, we’ve reviewed Bluetooth speakerphones before and we’ve reviewed FM transmitters. But I think this might be the first Bluetooth FM transmitter …

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Merconnet Bluetooth Car Kit Review

Handsfree/Bluetooth call phone device AND an FM transmitter that can handle any MP3 player, SD.MMC cards, and USB thumbdrives? PLUS 2 remotes- a ‘normal’ one and one for the steering wheel? All this and cool blue LED lights, too? The Merconnet Bluetooth Car Kit certainly aims high, and with Julie’s great review of the Merconnet Bluetooth …

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Griffin RoadTrip FM Transmitter Review

Unless your car has an integrated iPod / iPhone dock, pretty much the only other ways to listen to tunes through your vehicle’s speakers is with a line-in connector or an FM transmitter. Line-in connectors mean cables. FM transmitters are wireless. Most people probably won’t argue with me when I say that anything wireless is …

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XtremeMac Incharge Auto FM Transmitter Review

Is your car missing an auxiliary input for audio? Yeah, mine too. If you tire of listening to the same tunes on the radio, you have two choices for playing your audio player’s tunes through your car speakers. If you have a cassette player in your car stereo, you can use a cassette adapter. These are easy to use and very inexpensive. The only issue with them is the face that the spindles spin while music it is being used, causing extra noise. Yuck. The other alternative is to use an FM transmitter. If you have an iPod or iPhone, the Incharge Auto FM transmitter from XtremeMac is one such solution.

ABT iJet iPod Accessories

I recently opened my mailbox to find a package from a company named ABT
(Advanced Bridging Technologies). Opening the box revealed 3 iPod accessories. One specifically for the Apple Nano and two for any iPod with a docking connector. I’ve had a chance to put each of these products through some good old gadgeteer testing and will share my experiences with you.

Speck Products MobileTune iPod FM Transmitter

Have you ever noticed that a lot of FM transmitters on the
market these days, don’t blend in very well with the interior of
most vehicles. Their design tends to be too flashy or wacky for my
personal taste. I don’t know about you, but I tend to prefer that
my vehicle accessories look more like OEM parts than something that
came from the bargain bin of AutoZone. That’s why I was pretty
amazed when I came home the other day to find a package from
Speck Products. Inside
was the MobileTune FM Transmitter for the Apple iPod.