Wirelessly transmit your music to an FM radio


Even if your car doesn’t have an input connector or Bluetooth, you can still wirelessly stream your music from your iPhone 5 to your car’s stereo.  The Dedicated FM Transmitter for iPhone 5 from Allputer plugs into the audio jack and the Lightning connector and draws power from your phone to transmit your music.  It has four FM frequency pre-sets (88.10, 88.30, 88.50, 88.70MHz); simply select one and set your car’s FM radio to the same frequency and start listening.  (Hopefully there won’t be a lot of stations at these frequencies in your area.)  It has a pass-through socket at the bottom so you can power your phone while you listen, but the images at Allputer show a 30-pin connector on the bottom of the transmitter.  It has a 10 meter range, so you’ll be able to use it with other FM radios at home or the office, too.  It’s available in black or white for $13.25.

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  2. Donald Schoengold

    There are a million of these devices around and they all work or more likely do not work the same way. You have to hope that one of the frequencies available on the device are a blank frequency in your area and every time you travel to a different area, you have to look for a blank frequency. In other words, they do not work well or at all.

    I bought a device that sends a signal directly to the FM antenna input of my radio over a wire instead of over the air. This is an example of such a device –
    “iSimple IS77 Universal iPod and iPhone Audio Input Cable for FM Radios”
    – although the one I bought was from Best Buy. I had to pay for installation in addition to buying the device but the advantage is that it works perfectly and seamlessly anywhere.

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