There seem to be a blue million different earbuds, earphones, and headphones on the market these days. There are full sized phones that cover your ears, headphones that wrap behind your head, earbuds that fit outside the ear canal and ones that fit down inside your ear canal to isolate you from outside noises and distractions. This last style is one that I’ll be looking at today. The V-Moda Bass Fréq earbuds boost that they deliver superior bass response for a price that won’t make you cringe.

I work in a special library for K-12 educators and we do not, currently, have any audio books in circulation. I have been very curious about the Playaway audio books since I first read about them several months ago.

Three years ago I had the opportunity to review the SLIMP3 Network MP3 Player from Slim Devices. Back then, the SLIMP3 was one of the first devices on the market that allowed you to stream audio files from your computer, to another part of the house. Let’s see how their original product has evolved in the past few years into a smaller, more robust device that is called the Squeezebox.

This device is Brando’s 21st-century equivalent to the Swiss Army Knife, as it contains a raft of semi-related features in a compact package:

It’s a 1GB USB thumb drive!
It’s an MP3 player!
It’s a voice recorder!
It’s (supposedly) an FM radio!
It’s a pen!
It’s a floor wax!
It’s a dessert topping!

(floor wax and dessert topping sold separately)

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to build a MCE PC. I had built one for my dad out of an old PC we had laying around, adding two HDTV tuners and a 7.1 audio card, and was so impressed with it that I set out to build my own. Originally I started specing it together to build from scratch, but I found it was cheaper to buy the PC pre-built. Included with my order was a 19″ Widescreen LCD, perfect for displaying some high-def TV.

If you happen to be in the market for a portable DVD player that you can take along with you on your next plane ride or road trip, the Insignia IS-PDVD10 which is available from Best Buy, might be one that you should add to your list of potential considerations. This player has a few extra features that make it a little better than your every day run of the mill portable DVD player. Let’s take a closer look.

I’m a TV junkie. Even worse is the fact that I’m addicted to reality TV shows. I don’t like to miss any episodes of such cerebral classics as Survivor, Amazing Race, American Next Top Model, The Apprentice and way too many others… When I happen to miss an episode due to a Tivo glitch, power outage or whatever, I have to resort to finding the missing episode on the net. Once I locate and download the episode, I have to figure out a way to get it to my 65″ RPTV in the living room.

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What’s the worst thing about TiVo? Watching TV anywhere else without TiVo. Until there’s a TiVo iPod (Apple, are you listening??), the Sony LocationFree TV allows you to watch your TiVo anywhere… in any room in your house, from an airport lounge, from a hotel room, anywhere with access to broadband. LocationFree is a television… Read More