Digiana Wireless Audio Portable FM Linker Review

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Product Requirements:
An audio device with a headphone jack and a stereo
with an FM receiver

There are so many uses the
Wireless Audio Portable FM Linker, that I almost don’t know where to begin…but
I will touch on just a few scenarios for those that didn’t realize that they
might be able to use something like this.

Let’s say that you have an expensive collection of MP3s that you would like
to listen to over the sound system in your vehicle. All you have to do is plug
the Digiana into the headphone jack of your MP3 player, turn the FM linker on
(by holding the bottom button down), pick an empty station, then crank up the
music – you are in business.

Or what if you have a navigation system that uses a PDA with a less than
exciting speaker? Just plug the Digiana into the PDA and enjoy audible
directions in stereo over your vehicle’s speaker system.

Speaking of Audible…what if you want
to listen to spoken word, or an audio book from your PDA or MP3 player as you
drive? With the Digiana, you can.

Some other FM audio linkers have the inherent problem of only allowing you a
few pre-selected stations to choose from. While this might not be an issue in
rural communities, it can be a huge problem in an urban setting, Fortunately,
the Digiana does not suffer from this type of restriction. You can choose any
station on the FM dial in tenth increments until you find a clear host.

Working the Digiana is simple: you turn it on by pressing the bottom button
for a couple of seconds. Two LED lights come on, and the screen says "ON." Then
a screen comes up that displays the MHz position on the FM dial. You can move it
up or down in tenth increments by pushing the top or bottom buttons. When you
touch either button, the LEDs will come on for a moment, backlighting the LCD
screen while you make your selection.


Measuring approximately 2" wide x 1.5" tall, this gadget is small, light, and
easily pocketable. The coiled cord expands to over three feet and retracts to
under a foot allowing you to set your audio device somewhere safe while driving.

To check from how far away the Digiana could produce a signal, Steve (my
husband) and I conducted a very unscientific experiment. I sat in the front seat
of our SUV and tuned the radio to 89.1. I got a good, clear signal, and the
music playing over the car stereo sounded fine. I wouldn’t call it digital
quality by any stretch of the imagination, but it was at least FM radio quality.
Steve walked around the car while I listened, and the music still sounded good –
with the source being outside the vehicle through closed doors. He walked to the
back of the vehicle, popping the glass rear window, and set the source down –
and it still sounded good. Walking to the edge of our driveway – about 20 feet
from the car’s antenna the sound finally began to deteriorate a bit. From across
the street in front of our house – about 40 feet – the signal was still coming
in clearly, but the sound quality was lessened. There was never any static – it
was just a deterioration of the quality, if that makes sense. So, needless to
say, the Digiana does not need to be right next to the receiving stereo’s
antenna to work properly. But the closer it is, the better it will sound.

The Digiana comes with a AAA battery, and a claim of 8 hours life. I have
been using the same battery off and on for the last couple weeks, and I believe
that this claim is true as I have yet to see the battery budge from "full."

The Digiana
Wireless Audio Portable FM Linker is available from
Merconnet, and other retailers.

Price: $28.95

8 Hour battery life
Can choose from any FM dial increment
Compact and sturdy design



Product Information

  • 8 Hour battery life
  • Can choose from any FM dial increment
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • None

17 thoughts on “Digiana Wireless Audio Portable FM Linker Review”

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  2. I have an FM Modulator Just like this except it is called the Cendyne Audio X. It’s a great little device. I use it on road trips to send the audio from my laptop to the speakers when I’m watching DVD’s (Shhhh, Dont tell anyone)

  3. Hi. Does anyone have an idea of the range of these devices? I have an iRock gismo and the range is terrible. Thanks!

  4. You guys,

    I have to apologize! I meant to update the review earlier with the range on this device, and I totally dropped the ball! I will also add a section about the sound quality…

    Judie :0)

  5. I’ve been using various of these devices for over 10 years.

    Different brands come and go.

    The one I see the most these days is the Arkon Sound Feeder:


    which can be found for under $15 using a Google Search.

    The premium quality home FM transmitter is the C. Crane one:


    which is a little too expensive, but it’s very good quality. The range is limited by FCC restrictions, but if “your unit is not working well, in terms of not getting the range it should” [wink], then you can contact them for some tips for increasing the range of the unit (helpful if you have a large house and don’t live really close to neighbors).

  6. Great products mentioned above. I just bought the Digiana. I wish I had waited and paid a little extra for the c.crane. Oh well. I will test the range and quality when it arrives.

  7. what is the size like of these other products compared to the Digiana? it’s hard to tell from the pictures.

  8. Well I recieved by Digiana. Tested it on my car stero with my IPAQ 3600 unit (fairly close to it). It really was not great for listening to MP3s. Quality was definitely sub-par. Perhaps I was expecting alot. Audible books and GPS directions may be a better choice. Suggest another product for transmitting MP3s.

  9. Following your excellent review I purchased an AudiaX, which arrived in the post this morning.

    I agree with all of your findings, brilliant!

    However, if you live in the UK, it’s worth noting that, although legal to buy, these things are apparently ilegal to use, because of the FM frequency range over which they work!

    Judie/Julie: I hope you don’t mind, but for speed I’ve posted one of your pics on my weblog (with a link back to your review). If you’d prefer me to remove it please let me know.

  10. Craig,

    That’s wild about the illegality of using the Digiana (or similar devices) in the UK. So every time you plug it in, you are breaking the law? ECK. 🙁

    Fine with me about the picture – thanks for the link – and thanks for posting the picture to your server. That was most gentlemanly.

    Judie :0)

  11. Originally posted by Whiterabbit
    I have an FM Modulator Just like this except it is called the Cendyne Audio X. It’s a great little device. I use it on road trips to send the audio from my laptop to the speakers when I’m watching DVD’s (Shhhh, Dont tell anyone)

    I’m visiting LA and found the same device sold by CenDyne and its called GruvX. The price is typically 29.99 but there is currently a $10 rebate. I’ve tested it and it works just like the one reviewed!:) I got it at Frye’s. I’m from out of state and this store blows my mind! Btw, they also had several diiferent brands that were available.


  12. Hey, just following up – got mine, i think it’s great. Wonderful to be able to plug it into my pc, then listen to my playlists anywhere in the house.

    Just as an fyi, Gateway (yes THAT Gateway) sell the Cendyne version on their website under MP3 Accessories, in fact, right here:

    It’s cheaper than getting it from Canada, and it comes from Gateway. Can’t be bad.

  13. I recently got one of these little, and I do mean little, gems. As I was told before I bought it, the sound quality of the Digiana can leave something to be desired. However, I have found that some input devices work better than others. For instance, using it with my Jornada 568’s volume turned up past about 25% will get you nothing static. My Fuji laptop however can be at max volume and the Digiana will play just fine.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that performance can also depend on your FM tuner. My Subaru gets fairly crummy FM reception when compared to my F-150. I can get stuff in the F-150 that is nothing but static in the Subaru. The Digiana actually plays better in the Subaru because the radio in it doesn’t pull in weak stations that will overpower the Digiana.

    One other thing…I’m in Virginia this week for a training class and I’ve got a few DVDs with me for when there’s just not much to watch on TV. My Fuji’s built in speakers leave something to be desired, so, I use the Digiana to play the sound though the radio in the room. I know it ain’t much better, but its louder…

  14. Hi this is great forum. When I first was interested in such a audio adapter, all I could find on the net was Arkon’s SoundFeeder and IRock. Now I know a few more such devices, digiana, c.crane, bug, iTrip, cendyne gruv x, etc.

    However, I have yet to find any similar devices that are truely wireless because you still have to use a wire to connect to the source.

    Is there any Bluetooth fm audio adapters out there? For instance, the new iPAQs are equiped with bluetooth a bluetooth Audio Portable FM Linker would be truely wireless.

  15. hi all-

    this site rocks! glad i found it.

    anyway i was wondering if anyone has ever used the LineX Portable or Usb version and if the range is really 100-150ft?


  16. Hello,

    I can’t believe I just found these boards today!! This is a great site with lots of the right type of information. Anyways, the reason for this post is that I plan on getting an Archos AV140 +DVR (Does anyone have a review/opinions on this device?) and was looking for a way to listen to it in the car.

    That is when I found out about FM transmitters. After doing some research I found that when ever I found one article that said how good a particular transmitter was I found one that said that it was not worth the money. That is until I found our about the C. Crane FM Transmitter from this thread that was suggested (no review though, I guess you are busy :p ). Though a tad expensive (but hey, that is what income tax rebates are all about right?) it seems to be the best. I’ve decided that I am going to purchase this one (unless someone can suggest a better one).

    Also while reading this post I noticed that alot of people have the problem of signal drift and/or there are too many radio stations that drown out your signal (I live in a rural community, though when I do go into the city I get the same 4 stations, yes all 4 of them, so I don’t have to worry about finding an empty frequency :p ). While in my search for a decent FM Transmitter I came across the Olympia Soundbug which you attach to a smooth service (ie. a car window) and it acts as a sounding board. You can also “daisy chain” two together to have stereo sound (or so they claim). I thought that this might be a solution for some people, though I don’t know how good they (maybe this could be a possible review for the future since tape decks are a thing of the past and input/output jacks are not that common in cars yet?)

    Well any info anyone has would be great. Thanks.


    P.S. If there have been posts about these items (I didn’t find any when I did a search, but my luck would mean that there probaly hiding on me to make a fool out of me lol) please send me in the right direction.

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