JAVOedge 2.5mm JAVOeBuds Review

Product Requirements:
Any audio device with a 2.5mm headset jack

The PalmOne
Treo 650
is almost the perfect gadget. It’s a PDA, it’s a smart phone, and
it’s also a digital audio player, all in a compact package. Did you catch that I
said the Treo is almost perfect? The first annoyance that I
noticed was the fact that the phone didn’t include a regular sized headset jack.
Instead the smaller 2.5mm jack is used. This is understandable given the fact
that most hands free kits use this smaller size. So, if you want to use your
favorite set of earphones or earbuds, you’ll need a bulky adapter. Why use an
adapter though, when you can get a set of retractable earbuds that have the
2.5mm jack? JAVOedge now sells JAVOeBuds
with the 2.5mm jack.

There’s nothing really special about the earbuds themselves. They are your
typical hard plastic buds that fit in your ears. Sound is good and comfort is
just ok. That said, I have sensitive ears, so I may be pickier than most

What makes this product worth your money is the fact that the cable is
retractable. No more winding your headset cable around your hand and then
stuffing it in a pocket or gear bag where it immediately turns into a big knot.
With the JAVOeBuds, you just tug on both ends to extend the cable (maximum of 47
inches) and when done, tug again so that they will automatically roll up into
the middle spool. Easy.

I actually spent several minutes extending and retracting the JAVOeBuds over
and over trying to make the cable jam. Guess what? It never did. As long as you
pull both ends at the same time, this product works flawlessly.

In addition to preventing tangles and knots, the JAVOeBuds will probably last
longer than typical earbuds due to the fact that the cables won’t develop shorts
from kinks. They also fit easily into a pocket or gear bag, and are easy on your


Price: $18.95

2.5mm jack built in
Cable won’t be come tangled

Hard plastic, no soft covers included

7 thoughts on “JAVOedge 2.5mm JAVOeBuds Review”

  1. Hi,
    One of the reasons I haven’t bought a pair of these yet is that I’ve been waiting to hear whether the hard plastic spool-thingy puts an awkward weight in the middle of the cord when the headphones are worn. How heavy is the spool? Does it have enough weight that it pulls down on the earbud cords, making them taut? Is it going to awkwardly swing side to side when walking or jogging? Also if you could comment a little more on the sound quality?


  2. i_spock:

    Yes, the spool will probably swing back and forth while running. They are fine for listening to music at a desk, but the weight will pull on the cord if you allow the spool to hang free.

    Like I said, sound quality is good. I wasn’t blow away, but I wasn’t put off either. They have typical earbud quality sound. About the same as any pair of earbuds that come pre-packaged in most digital audio devices.

  3. I bought their regular retractable earbuds and after a few weeks, the mechanism that kept the cord extended stopped working. So I had to use a binder clip to keep it from trying to wind up the cord all the time.

  4. Lisa Duncan wrote:

    I bought their regular retractable earbuds and after a few weeks, the mechanism that kept the cord extended stopped working. So I had to use a binder clip to keep it from trying to wind up the cord all the time.

    Hi Lisa,

    I am sorry to hear of your dilemma. Please feel free to contact return@javoedge.com regarding this issue. I have informed our team of this and they will be expecting your email. I told them to offer you an exchange for a new pair.

    I hope this is an acceptable solution. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope this won’t hinder your decision on future JAVOedge products.

  5. trophyofgrace

    I reviewed these earphones (well the Brando-branded version) and after a few months, the mechanism is still going strong. Good thing JavoEdge is willing to replace yours 🙂

  6. Well how’s that for service! 🙂 I’ll have to dig them up and email for a replacement. Thanks!

    I do have to say that the hotsync cable I ordered at the same time still has a working mechanism and it a great travel cable.

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