Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-05-03

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Years ago I used to go TH'ing (a.k.a. Treasure Hunting) with a metal detector. This was before the days of The Gadgeteer. The tool that I used (and still have) was a Tesoro metal detector. I found quite a few old coins in my area and at competition events. These days I find that I'm getting the itch to get back outside and look for 'stuff'. GEOcaching is one hobby that looks pretty interesting to me. I found out that there is an actual cache only 100 or so feet from my front door in an old cemetery. Anyone else out there interested in GEOcaching? What about dumpster diving? I know, I think YUCK when I hear that term, but I just found out that there is a whole community devoted to this 'sport'. Are any of them reading this site? If so, let us know some of the things you've found.

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