Seidio Treo 650 Retractable Sync & Charger USB Cable Review

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Product Requirements:
PalmOne Treo 650

I have been happily using the

USB Retractable SyncCharger Cable
from Brando’s Workshop
with my
PalmOne Treo 650 for several weeks now.
I haven’t had a reason to switch to another syncing and charging solution until
Seidio contacted me to let me know
about their cable.


Their cable looks very similar to Brando’s cable. It has the same overall
shape and length when retracted and extended. The cable extends to 29in (74cm) and retracts back down to 4.5in (11cm).
Extending and retracting is accomplished by pulling both ends of the cable at
the same time. When you do so, you will hear a ratcheting sound as the cable
stops at various lengths. As long as you remember to pull both ends at the same
time, you won’t need to worry about the cable getting jammed around the holding

The only difference between the Brando cable and the Seidio cable is the
addition of a Hotsync button. This is a big deal in my opinion. With the button,
you no longer need to navigate to the Hotsync application on the PDA. You just
press the button and syncing begins.

The only thing I can think of to complain about with this accessory is that
it is easy to accidentally press the sync button when you are inserting or
detaching the cable from the Hotsync port. That said, I really like this cable
and am using full time on my desktop at home. I haven’t ditched the Brando cable
though, I still keep it in my gear bag for my day job.


Price: $15.95

Syncs and charges without needing a AC adapter
Cable retracts



Product Information

  • Syncs and charges without needing a AC adapter
  • Cable retracts
  • None

7 thoughts on “Seidio Treo 650 Retractable Sync & Charger USB Cable Review”

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  2. I recently bought a similar cable for my Game Boy Advance SP.
    It works exactly the same way, but also comes with a cig adapter that turns 12v into a USB outlet for use in a vehicle.

    The thing is that the cable I bought was roughly 6-7 dollars, branded at a GameSpot store.
    I would think that you’d get a cig adapter with this cable, OR the price would be lower?

    This is the cable as sold by Radio Schmack:

    That being said, it is a great concept, and of course would be worth it for anyone who needs it.
    My gripe is that it seems a little overpriced, but such is this market I guess. 🙁

  3. Strider_mt2k:

    I believe Seidio also sells the cigarette lighter adapter as an optional accessory to this accessory.

  4. Julie, any difference in charging time or how well the plug fits your Treo? I generally like Brando products, but had two charge/sync cables that you had to hold in place to work on the Palm Universal Connector. One broke (I think the kids got mad at it), and the other is in the car for emergencies only.

  5. Altema:

    I didn’t really pay attention to the charging time as I typically plug my Treo in at night and leave it there till the morning. I’m assuming it’s quite a bit slower though.

    As for the fit of the connector, it’s fine so far. Snaps in place and stays there.

  6. Julie,

    There is another big difference between the Seidio and Brando cables. Many of the 3rd party cables for the Treo 650 use a cheap connector that connects the cable to the Treo 650. This certain type of connector is pictured on the Brando cable.

    The problem with this connector is that one of the metal conductors on the power side of the connector (small post end) is not permanently secured to the plastic of the connector and it slides back into the connector. This causes the connector to have a poor (or no) connection to the Treo 650. The problem has happened to me in as little as 3-4 plug-ins. Although sometimes the connector lasts longer.

    It is not just the Brando cable using this connector. I’ve tried numerous cables from ebay. Seidio used to use this type of connector until myself and a number of other users complained and returned cables.

    Seidio just recently updated their cable with the newer end connector in your picture. This connector is much much much better…..

    You’ll also find that the Seidio connector seems to connect better to the Treo 650… The Brando type connector must sometimes be pushed hard to connect.

    Anyway.. I don’t work for Seidio. I’ve just tried a lot of cables. I travel every week and need something small to carry with me.

  7. I’ve been using the Brando cable for weeks and so far it is holding up just fine. Time will tell though…

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