There’s a fun new gadget show on TV – Pitchmen

There’s been a real drought of gadget and new product related shows on TV for awhile now. I really miss HGTV’s I Want That and I Want That Tech Toys with Peter Rojas of Engadget stardom. We haven’t had a new season of ABC’s American Inventor either. While I’ve been mourning the lack of shows, …

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Hi-Den Vision Digital Photo Viewer Review

There’s been a lot of interest in Digital Media Adapters and several companies are promoting them; WD, Iomega, Seagate, IOgear and now a newcomer, Hi-Denvision. Today we’ll take a look at the HD-0310 and see how it stacks up. I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces with various media formats and there …

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Spotlight Gadget – XSight Touch Universal Remote

This universal remote from One For All looks very tasty. It has a color touch screen and can control 18 devices. Profiles can be setup for each family member, with images and favorite channels. Setup is supposed to be a breeze because everything is done directly on the remote itself. The setup wizard prompts you …

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Spotlight Gadget – iPhone Live TV

equinux, has just released two free iPhone Apps: Live TV and TubeToGo as companions for its TV receiver TubeStick. Mac users can turn their iPhone into a TV with a mobile video library. With Live TV, users can stream live TV programs directly to their iPhone from their Mac with The Tube. With TubeToGo, they …

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DVD Stripper

Picture Christmas Day. You and your family are sitting in the living room. Everyone is stuffed from the awesome dinner and exhausted from too many starches. Then, the little one comes over and wants you to open her brand new video. Grrr, you cannot even think about dealing with the stupid security tape and plastic wrap. Not to mention, your hands are cut from all the chopping and late night wrapping of Santa’s gifts. Here to make your life easier is Lori Power’s DVD Stripper.

WaterField iPod Gear Pouches (updated)

If you own an Apple iPod, chances are that you have also amassed a nice collection of iPod accessories to go along with the most popular digital music player on the planet. Things like an iTrip, iTalk, retractable sync / charge cables and extra earbuds are all useful items to have with you at all times, but …

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