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equinux, has just released two free iPhone Apps: Live TV and TubeToGo as companions for its TV receiver TubeStick. Mac users can turn their iPhone into a TV with a mobile video library. With Live TV, users can stream live TV programs directly to their iPhone from their Mac with The Tube. With TubeToGo, they can access TV recordings on their iPhone whenever and wherever. They can even program recordings in The Tube on the go.

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  2. I was all excited when I saw this yesterday in the App. Store. Tried to use their Tube app. on my MAC but it wouldn’t work with my EyeTV tuner. I’m tired of waiting for Slingbox so I even went ahead and ordered their Tube Stick tuner so I could get live TV on my iPhone.

    Then I read the details of the iPhone app. The live TV feature only works when the iPhone is connected to the same WLAN that the MAC is connected to. Basically, at home. 🙁 I guess if you only have one TV at home and someone else is watching it this would be nice but otherwise it’s just not worth it, in my opinion.

  3. Equinux is getting pretty competitive with ElGato – and in a recent update of The Tube software implemented support for ONE of ElGato’s EyeTV Hybrid units (the early, non-QAM version prior to 2008 I believe.) So add that to list of dozen and a half 3rd-party Mac TV tuner sticks supported on Apple OSX. Both Equinux and ElGato support quite a wide range of hardware now and that list tends to grow with each update of their PVR software.

    For the upcoming Digital over-the-air switchover, I’ve got a Miglia HD mini on order: it’s compatible with BOTH EyeTV and TheTube so I’ll be able to take advantage of the unique features of either program.

  4. Orb works great in lieu of a Sling App…You do have to keep the pc on at home that is running the server side of Orb, but it works great! I jailbroke, and got ScreenSplitr, and output the live tv video stream out to my double din video monitor in my car, and live tv on the road…

    There is also an jailbroken Cydia app that tricks any app into thinking its on Wifi, so maybe this could bypass the LAN only feature of this app?

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