7 thoughts on “Spotlight Gadget – HEXBUG”

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  2. Looks a fun lil gadget……
    But has anyone seen the film with Tom Selleck where someone created little robot spider type creatures that would inject you with a deadly poison?!….
    They looked similar just didn’t have the Blue shell…. you have been warned people!

    1. @FatboyDimUK: Was that the movie with Gene Simmons from Kiss? I know he was in one with a bunch of deadly robotic bugs…
      The HEXBOT isn’t deadly. It just moves / reacts to light and sound 🙂

  3. The movie is called “Runaway” starring Tom Seleck and Gene Simmons (from Kiss). It was made in 1984 and is still one of my all time favorites!

  4. Classic movie!! Bad acting all around, but the “tech” saved the film.

    Any video of these creatures? I looked around their site, can’t believe they don’t have something posted to trigger that impulse purchase.

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