Before I pursued a degree in entomology, I first considered marine biology. I’ve always marveled at the unusual life forms out there, many of which exist in the ocean and many are in places most of us don’t have access to. The company OpenROV has sold personal underwater robot kits for those like me who… Read More

I’ve been a huge fan of Neato’s Botvacs after reviewing their Neato Botvac 80 robot vacuum earlier this year. I continue to use it several times a week to keep my floors clean and love that it does the work while I can do other things. Neato has just announced a new D series with models… Read More

After reading Julie’s posts comparing Android and Apple, do you find yourself firmly in the pro-Android camp?  Or maybe you’re just in the pro-cute robot camp?  These official Google-approved bot figures from the Big Box Edition collectors series will make a cute addition to your office or home desk to show your Android or robot pride.  Each… Read More

Flashback to several weeks ago… It’s 3:30pm and I race home from my day job so I can work on Gadgeteer reviews for 90 minutes until Jeanne gets home from work. I sit down in front of my MacBook Pro for some quality writing time when the phone rings. I answer the call. It’s Jeanne. “Can… Read More

In all my gadget reviewing years, I have yet to try or even test a robotic vacuum cleaner. It hasn’t been from lack of desire, I just haven’t found one worth trying – till now. Today in Tokyo, Dyson unveiled the Dyson 360 Eye cyclonic robot vacuum cleaner and it looks very impressive. From its… Read More

I recently bought an iRobot floor cleaner, and while digging around on their site, I found they also sell a little robot that can take over the chore of cleaning out your gutters for you.   The iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot is only about 2″ tall X 3″ wide by 15.6″ long, so it… Read More

Here’s a gift for the person that has everything. It’s the Double Robot and it will let you be in two places at once. Feeling under the weather and don’t feel like going to work to attend that important meeting? Let Double go for you. Double is a telepresence robot that stands 60 inches tall… Read More

Last year Jackie told us about Necomimi, a pair of robotic cat ears that move in response to your brain waves. Now you can don a tail to complete your transition into a cat. Say what? I’m not making this up folks… Neurowear will soon be offering the Shippo, which is a motorized tail that… Read More

Be The Robot (BERO for short) is the latest Kickstarter project to cause a blip on my gadget radar. You’ve probably seen the small Green  Android figurines on the market that seem to sell out as fast as they are made. BERO is about that same size (4″), but has up to 6 motors for… Read More

The kids and I love making Sushi rolls, but it can be a tedious and slow process. The Sushibot was demonstrated at the World Food and Beverage Great Expo 2012 in Tokyo. Produced by Suzumo, a company that specialises in sushi making machines from domestic to commercial, the machine is capable of making up to 300 rolls… Read More

Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Beasts

Dutch artist Theo Jansen creates “lifelike” kinetic structures using plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. Not a product you can buy, not sure what practical use, not sure what else I can say, but I think it’s cool and hope you will too. So sit back and enjoy. :)  Watch the video after the jump… Read More

I love my Roomba  so why not the same for my lawn ? Husqvarna has a range of  three robotic lawn mowers covering from 1800-3000m2 capability. Just like the Roomba, they find their own way home when they’re low on battery to recharge. They have a timer/scheduler, are weatherproof  and include a theft alarm. There’s… Read More

What do you get when you combine robot toys and a solar cell? You get the fun and educational 6-in-1 Solar Robot Kit from Let’s take a look. This do-it-yourself kit includes everything you need to build 6 different “robots” that are powered by a solar cell. Just be aware that none of the… Read More

I had the opportunity to see the Skitterbot in action last February when I attended the International Toy Fair in NYC. The Skitterbot is a small bug shaped robot that is crazy fast. It can travel at one foot per second. You can control the Skitterbot with the 5 function remote that includes controls for… Read More

There’s nothing unusual about this USB flash drive other than its form.  Remove the little silver robot’s head to access the 4GB USB flash drive.  He keeps a hold on his head, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the cap to your drive.  There’s a clip on his back, so you can carry… Read More