Home Security

Motion sensors are great in concept – illuminating your property when they sense nearby motion – but they can lack in execution.  Normal motion sensors light up only a relatively small area around the light when they detect motion.  This isn’t a problem when the motion is from an animal, but could allow a more… Read More

We spend a lot more time in our basement than we do the main floor of the house, so it’s often difficult to know when someone comes to the front door if we can’t hear them knocking. Sometimes they don’t even knock because they press the doorbell which has had a dead battery for over… Read More

Apple’s HomeKit is expected soon, and HomeKit-compatible devices are hitting the market in anticipation of this.  iHome has just announced their iHome iSP5 SmartPlug, its first entry in a planned series of products from the new iHome Control line of smart home accessories.  The SmartPlug is a WiFi-connected smart power outlet that lets you control a… Read More

We live in a condo building that was built in 1963.  It’s a 14-story building with more than 100 units in it.  In addition to each unit having their own fire alarms, there is a central fire alarm system for the entire building.  Because the building is older, the systems in the individual units aren’t… Read More

No need to give a friend the key to your home so they can let your precious pets out anymore. The Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock can be programed to lock and unlock at any specified time to allow entry at your digression, AND it logs any entries and exits so you know when someone is coming… Read More

There are a variety of ways you can open and lock your home’s door without using a key.  I tried a WiFi-connected deadbolt that didn’t work, no matter what type of interpretive dance I used to approach it.  I’ve been intrigued by other Kickstarter products that still haven’t made it to market long after the… Read More

The DoorBird is a smartphone connected doorbell that will allow you to see who is at your door with a 180° motion detecting camera. Receive alerts on up to eight iOS or Android devices when someone is at your door and then see and talk to them through the app even if you’re not at… Read More

There are a lot of smart, connected home automation and security devices on the market today, but what if you don’t want to replace all your detectors but still would like to be able to monitor them from anywhere you are?  After all, your smoke alarm is only effective when you can hear it.  Plug a… Read More

A couple of years ago, I reviewed the FakeTV FTV-11 Extra Bright Burglar Deterrent.  It was a small device filled with LEDs that mimicked the flicker, glow, fading, and swelling of a TV screen as seen through a curtained window.  I used it and liked it, but I found that its own timer system didn’t… Read More

Kuna isn’t just a lighting fixture, of course.  This outdoor fixture also has a WiFi camera and intercom system built in.  You connect the Kuna fixture to an app on your Android or Apple phone, and Kuna can send you alerts whenever someone is at your door.  You can customize the app to notify you… Read More

You want to have a smarter home – one that can notify you of events happening at home through your mobile device – but you don’t have purchasing all new equipment in your budget.  You can make your current carbon monoxide and fire detectors smarter just by using a smart battery from Roost.  They say… Read More

I hate keys. They get lost, freeze up, fall on the ground, take up space in my pocket, and scratch things like my smartphone. And, now that my car has keyless entry and ignition, I even get annoyed at cars that require me to dig in my pocket and take out the keys. Such a hassle… Read More

I reviewed the Belkin WeMo Smart Home Automation Switch about a year ago, and at the time, you really needed an iOS device to control the products.  There was an Android app, but it was in beta, but Belkin announced late last month that the Android app is ready.  Just like with the iOS app… Read More

This Kickstarter project gives you the tools to turn any dimmable light bulb into a WiFi-controllable bulb.  You don’t need hubs, and getting your house connected is as easy as signing the bulb into your router.  The emberlight is a screw-in base that you can use with any of your current light fixtures or lamps… Read More

When we moved into our condo, the first thing we did was replace the deadbolt – and that’s despite living in a building with security locks on all exterior doors and the elevators, plus a doorman stationed at the door 24/7.  But what if you live in a rental where you can’t change the locks… Read More