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REVIEW – Keyless deadbolt locks are nothing new. For example, there are models that have a keypad that you can input your numeric code to lock and unlock the bolt. And with newer technology, there are some that allow you to operate the lock from your smartphone. Although either method is great to have on one deadbolt lock, having both methods on the same deadbolt would be a great option. That’s where the Smart Lock from Reagle comes in. But not only does the Smart Lock have a keypad, and the ability to lock and unlock the deadbolt with your phone, but it still uses regular keys as well.

What is it?

The Reagle Smart Lock is a deadbolt lock allowing keyless entry into your home or business all from your smartphone. This smart lock also offers plenty of other features including keypad entry, personalized codes for friends and family, real-time access monitoring, remote access, timed re-locking, multiple wrong code input notification, low battery alerts, and more. This door lock allows the users the convenience of not using any keys to lock or unlock the deadbolt on your door. The Smart Lock can also be used with Apple Home kit for further convenience. The need to fumble through your purse or bag or reach into your pocket and find the right key is no longer an issue. The Reagle Smart Lock helps eliminate the need for traditional physical keys. 

Reagle 1

What’s in the box?

  • Smart Lock with Deadbolt Latch and Keypad
  • 2 keys
  • Hardware screws and bolts
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Mounting Plate
  • Strike Plate
  • Drive-in Sleeve

Design and features

Reagle 2

The Reagle Smart Lock has many features making it a versatile door lock for your home or business.  At first glance, you’ll notice the numbers for the keypad. Normally, you will need a predetermined code to punch in to activate the lock and unlock feature of the deadbolt. And normally, you would share that key code with everyone who needed it. But with the Smart Lock, you can assign your friends and family their own personal key code. The main reason for this is so that it works in conjunction with the Reagle app. The Reagle app will allow you to know who has locked or unlocked the deadbolt because the Reagle app keeps a record of activity for the Smart Lock from the key code that you assigned to a specific person. The app’s History log will document which keycode was used to unlock or lock the deadbolt. This way you will be able to tell who accessed the lock from the key code entered.

Reagle 8The feature that I liked on the Reagle app is the ability to operate the Smart Lock with just a swipe of your finger. The app allows you to lock and unlock the deadbolt right from your phone. The app also displays whether the deadbolt is Locked or Unlocked. I found this to be very convenient so if I were anywhere in my house I could check my phone to see whether the front door was locked or unlocked. At night, it’s even more convenient while I am laying in my bed, I can look at my phone and I can see the status of the Smart Lock.

Some other features of the app include an Auto-Relock and an Auto-Unlock option. The Auto-Relock can be set to automatically lock the deadbolt after a certain period of time. This is handy in case you forget to lock the Smart Lock when you leave the house. At the set time you choose, the Smart Lock will automatically lock itself. You can set a Normal ReLock Time up to 255 seconds and a ReLock Time After Auto-Unlocking up to 250 seconds. The Auto-Unlock option, which is just as it sounds, unlocks the Smart Lock from a designated distance that you set between 200 and 500 meters or 600ft. and 1500ft. So, as you are driving towards your home and you’re in range at the set distance you choose on the app, the Smart Lock should automatically unlock the door for you.

To me, 200 meters (600ft.) as the closest distance to trigger the Auto Unlock feature seems too far for my door to unlock automatically. I wish the app gave a much closer distance say something like 4.6meters  (15ft.) or even 9meters (30ft.) from the Smart Lock. What if I were just driving by my house within the 200 meters (600ft.) and the Smart Lock automatically unlocks the door? I guess this is where I would have to make sure that the ReLock Time After Auto-Unlocking is definitely selected to On. However, I do like the idea of coming home and the front door automatically unlocking for me.

Reagle 3

Other features include locking the Smart Lock with a press of the Reagle button on the front of the lock, receiving notifications on the app if someone enters a wrong keycode too many times (the lock temporarily disables inputting further keycodes), and Apple HomeKit technology for home management. You can control your lock away from home with an Apple TV, a HomePod, or an iPad that’s set up as a home hub. As of writing this review, not yet available but coming soon, is the Reagle Gateway, which allows you to control the Smart Lock remotely when you are not home.

The Smart Lock doesn’t require an internet connection which eliminates WiFi hacking or connectivity issues and it operates on 4 AA batteries. No need to worry about the batteries dying on you since you will be notified of low batteries on the lock as well as the app. So, you should receive sufficient warning to replace the batteries before they expire. The Smart Lock comes with two traditional keys so you can have one key handy as a backup.


Installation of the Smart Lock was fairly easy. Chances are you will be just replacing the current deadbolt on your front door so there isn’t any drilling to do. However, if you do need to do any drilling, there is a guide for that on the fold-up Instruction manual. It may take a bit longer than installing a regular deadbolt only because there is a small wire harness that you need to pass through from the front of the lock to the back of the lock. Although installation can be done by one person, it’s just more convenient and quicker if you an extra hand from someone.

Once the Smart Lock is installed on your door, and the Reagle app is installed onto your phone, pairing them together was pretty much straight forward. Instructions to sync the Smart Lock are easy to read and follow on the included installation manual. The app paired with the Smart Lock effortlessly. All that was next was to input my settings and customize the app to my needs.

Reagle 7 2


Using the keypad on the Smart Lock is super simple.  Although the keypad buttons work well and are responsive, the only negative thing I would say about the buttons are that they aren’t illuminated until you press a button. So, if you came home to a dark front porch at night, you won’t be able to see the numbers of the keypad until you feel around and press one of the number buttons on the keypad. Once you press a button then the keypad is illuminated. The only drawback is once you press a button it may not be the first number in your code which means then you have to start all over again because technically you input the wrong code at the beginning.

Upon opening the Reagle app, it takes about 6 seconds for the app to sync to the Smart Lock. I’m not sure if that is a common sync time for smart locks that use apps like this but I guess that’s about the same time it would take to get your keys out of your pocket, insert the keys into the keyhole, and turn the lock. I do like using the Reagle app to lock and unlock the deadbolt not only because it is convenient, but I have to confess that it is a little bit fun to lock and unlock the front door remotely.

Whether using the keypad or the Reagle app, they are both very responsive and I haven’t had any issues since I installed the new version of the Reagle app. When I first installed the app, there was a time when the app seemed to be hanging and not responding even after I used it a few times on the first install. I emailed Reagle customer support and explained my situation and that day I was contacted back as to how I could resolve my issue, which it did. I’m glad to see that this company’s customer response time was impressively fast. I have dealt with companies on similar matters and have been contacted days later and there were some companies that haven’t even contacted me back. Anyway, a few days later I was informed with an email by Nick at their support team that a new version of the app was available.  This version seemed to install without a hitch and seems very stable. I haven’t had any issues with the app since.

Reagle 6 1

What I like

  • Easy to lock and unlock using the app
  • Low battery alert
  • App lets me see status of lock
  • Autolock Feature
  • One Button locking
  • Generate Custom Keycodes
  • Notification and History List thru the app
  • Apple Home Kit and Reagle Gateway accessible
  • No WiFi needed

What I’d change

  • First press of button to illuminate keypad to not going against your code
  • Have a shorter range distance with Unlock feature

Final thoughts

The Reagle Smart Lock is a deadbolt lock for your home or business that puts the control of the lock on your phone. With this Smart Lock, long gone are the days of having a house key to carry around. With the smart lock’s technology, now you can operate your door’s lock with your phone or use the keypad to lock and unlock the deadbolt.  And as a backup, you have the two physical keys that are included in the box.

I really enjoyed what this smart lock can do and what it is capable of. I know it will get plenty of use for as long as I reside in this house and I have already decided that if I move that I would replace the original deadbolt and take the Reagle Smart Lock with me. Not only is this smart lock useful and practical but it is also very stylish and adds value to my front entrance. The Reagle Smart Lock comes in two colors, Dark Bronze and Satin Nickel. The Satin nickel is what I have in the photos above. So, if you want a smart lock that is not only beneficial and essential but also modern and stylish, then look into the Reagle Smart Lock as your first choice for a smart lock for your home or business.

Reagle is a subsidiary of PKinno who make other NFC and WiFi Smart Lock solutions.

Price: $189.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Reagle.

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  2. I’m a locksmith and honestly I’m blown away that this thing connects to the internet. I’ve seen just about every smart Lock in person, and this might just be the cheapest. They found the chinese factory that makes this particular super cheap, and super-easy to pick combo lock, added a really neat chip that brings unbelievably cool things that you only see in high dollar locks. Then they sell it for a high dollar price tag. Considering how fast the lock will corode, etc, I’m very surprised you didn’t comment on how cheap it feels. Well written nonetheless and neat that they can add such great smarts to such a cheap lock. The future is bright.

    1. Kevin
      thanks for your input. You have some very interesting and helpful information.
      Since I have not have the had the opportunity to hold and compare similar smart locks, I did however, feel like this was a pretty sturdy deadbolt lock. It certainly had some weight to it. Everything from the dead bolt, to the mounting plate, to the cam bar felt like solid steel.
      But I would like to check out other smart locks like this one to compare for myself and see if I can notice any differences.

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