Is it easier to measure length by rolling?

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NEWS – We all probably have at least one tape measure somewhere in our house or toolbox. But I bet most of you probably don’t have a measuring tool that rolls to measure a length instead of using a tape. That’s why I thought the 18K gold plated Rollova looked interesting. It’s a small disk with a built-in OLED display that has a starting mark at the bottom and a count above it that shows the measurement length in centimeters, inches decimal, or inches fractional as you roll it across flat, or curved surfaces. If you want to add the Rollova to your toolbox or pocket, head over to Touch of Modern and buy one for $99.99.

10 thoughts on “Is it easier to measure length by rolling?”

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  2. You can also check out map measure gauges at Amazon, they have a good variety of digital and analog devices. Back in the early days of 3/4″ video production I used one in editing.

  3. I’m frugal (cheap) so I can’t wait til this technology matures (gets cheaper). My wife (ruler – pun) said I can use a tape measure. We have 3.

      1. Agreed ! Joshing aside, as a retired career sales guy I’m a student of marketing. This company HAD to add gold plating? That must raise the price which usually equals lowering the amount of potential buyers. I’d have considered this device at $20 or so. They must not care about selling many units ? Then again, my name in Spanish is ‘El Cheapo’.

  4. Rolling measuring devices have been around forever. Surveyors and realtors use them to measure distances that are too long for tape measures such as property boundaries. But as with all tools, they don’t work under all circumstances. The roller must be able to be positioned exactly over the starting spot and be able to roll unimpeded to the end spot. Making these electronic is an improvement, but for surveyors and and realtors, they must be able to work outdoors in inclement weather and in squishy terrain. Digital devices are notorious for not working in cold wether and not being waterproof. However, smaller versions for use on maps indoors work quite well.

  5. It seems I have to create an account with Touch of Modern before they will tell me anything about the product. No thanks.

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