Prepare rice in a more traditional way with this Japanese-inspired ceramic rice cooker

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NEWS – I love rice so much I probably could eat it every day. The problem is finding a way to easily make flavorful rice. I know there are rice cookers out there that probably do the job, but the AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker caught my eye.

First off it has a cool Japanese inspired design. Secondly, it cooks rice more traditionally. The rice cooker doesn’t use electricity, it’s cordless, compact and boils on the stove. It’s made from which ceramic naturally retains heat, so the rice will remain warm on the stove while the handles stay cool to the touch. It also means the rice won’t burn.

The lid’s design ensures it won’t boil over. It also features ridges that trap condensation and drip it back down onto the top layer of rice, preventing it from drying out.

The AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker can cook up to two cups of rice. It even comes with a 100% bamboo rice paddle spoon for serving. When not in use the spoon conveniently stores in the top of the lid.

The AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker sells for $79.95 and is available from The Grommet.

2 thoughts on “Prepare rice in a more traditional way with this Japanese-inspired ceramic rice cooker”

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  2. For someone who says he loves rice, it’s not clear from this review whether you actually used the cooker or not. The content of the review might just as well have been cobbled together from the manufacturer’s instructions.

    If you did use the device, can you explain to us all how you found it in practice? That, surely, is the real point of these reviews.

    1. CANNY JOCK,
      This was not a review, it was a news posting. I didn’t actually use the product. A news post tells readers about a product and where they can go for more information or to purchase it.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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