Lockly’s new Vision smart lock lets you see who’s at your front door

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NEWS – In May of last year, I reviewed the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock. It’s a great smart lock that’s easy to install and is loaded with features. I loved everything about it, and 8-months later, my feelings haven’t changed. At this year’s CES Lockly showed off their newest smart lock, the Lockly Vision. As you can probably gather by the name, the Vision has a built-in video doorbell. Lockly took all the great smart lock features and technology of the Secure Pro and added the convenience and security of a video doorbell.

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 The video doorbell has all of the features of today’s most popular video doorbells: 

  • HD video camera with live view using the Lockly app
  • 2-way audio allowing you to talk to whoever is at your door using the app
  • Cloud & internal SD video storage via a Micro-SD card

Vision can even alert you if someone attempts to tamper with your door lock. 

Lockly founder and CEO Lee Zheng said, “Consumers have voiced their concerns with doorbell mounted cameras being at the wrong angle, extremely slow, and often incompatible with household wiring. We are filling a void in the marketplace by offering a true wireless solution that combines an advanced smart lock and an HD camera to capture real-time video directly in front of the door.”

The smart lock features five different access modes:

  • Fingerprint with biometric fingerprint reader
  • Keypad with PIN Genie touchscreen 
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit devices
  • Smartphone
  • Physical key

It’s not available yet, but you can sign up to be notified when preorders begin. Vision will sell for $399, and Lockly says it should start shipping early this Summer. 

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