Yep, here it comes to save the day! Alec Momont, a graduate student at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands, created the Ambulance Drone project. Their intent was to develop a drone that would deliver life-saving equipment like an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), medicines, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) aids to the scene of an emergency… Read More

When drones first started becoming popular, they were big bulky quad copters with large GoPro sized cameras and people mostly used them for cool landscape videos. People still use drones to shoot landscape shots, but a newer category of drones has been designed for taking a more personal type of photography – the selfie. Now… Read More

Taking a selfie by holding your phone at arm’s length is usually fine if you’re only taking a snap of yourself or at most another person. But when you try to squeeze more people into the frame or want to see the background too, a camera at the end of your arm just won’t cut… Read More

We’ve reviewed a variety of drones over the years, from the high-end Chroma 4K drone to the teeny tiny Axis Vidius drone. But this is the Eachine E55 is the first folding pocket drone that we’ve had the opportunity to review. And after my experience with this one, it might be the last… Let’s take… Read More

This week, drone industry leader DJI announced their latest market offering, the $499 Spark. The Spark is a stylish “lifestyle accessory” drone that has a 16 minute flight time, obstacle avoidance and the unique ability to be controlled via hand gestures alone. By design, the Spark is meant to be taken with you and used… Read More

Imagine this… you’re racing your RC car along the ground when an unexpected obstacle suddenly blocks your path. Instead of crashing, the car zooms into the air where you continue controlling it in flight. If that sounds like more fun than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then you have to check out this RC flying car… Read More

Remote controlled planes, helicopters, and drones can be a lot of fun if they are easy to fly and don’t shatter into a million pieces when you crash them, which you know will happen. The newest drone to fly the skies near my house is the Parrot Swing minidrone. Let’s see how fun it is to… Read More

I am seeing more and more drones around where I live zooming through the sky.  There are many uses for drones of course besides just having fun.  For example, a bunch of realtors around here use drones to give a bird’s eye view of properties, which is pretty cool.  At the recent CES show the… Read More

The DOBBY is a new compact drone optimized for low-level photography that has some impressive features. When not in use it folds up to the length and width of an iPhone (5.3in x 2.5in x  1.33). When ready for flight, it unfolds and flies automatically. The drone is controlled by an iPhone or Android app that… Read More

Ready to set down some serious cash on a drone? Most models retail for about $1,000, and whether they are on the ground or in the air, they are delicate gadgets. After reading Dennis’s review of the Lowepro RidgeLine Pro, I clicked over to the Lowepro page and saw they recently introduced this beast: the DroneGuard BP… Read More

Over the years I’ve reviewed quite a few remote controlled toys including cars, tanks, planes, helicopters and more. They were all fun to play with for a little while, but none of them were nearly as much fun as the Chroma Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera that I’ve been testing from Horizon Hobby. Drones… Read More