The Ring Always Home Cam is a security drone for inside your home!

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NEWS – Drones are fun to fly – outside. But the new Ring Always Home Cam is a drone that is designed to be flown INSIDE your home and one that you can control when you’re not even there. The main purpose of most drones is for flying outdoors and capturing video. The Ring Always Home Cam is a flying security camera drone for your home that you control with your phone. You can program pre-determined flight paths so you can travel around your home virtually. The mobile app lets you see a live view as you fly around to see if you left a window open, the burner on, etc. How cool is that?! The Ring Always Home Cam is priced at $249.99 and is part of the Ring ecosystem. It is currently available exclusively as invite-only on Amazon where you can now sign up for access.

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13 thoughts on “The Ring Always Home Cam is a security drone for inside your home!”

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  2. There are so many problems with this system and idea (many of which have been documented elsewhere) that I can not fathom why anyone would entertain using it!

    1. John, the info seems sparse at the moment but if you check the product page it says:

      For your privacy – Always Home Cam’s camera never records when the device is docked and only records during trained flight paths.

      So maybe they don’t charge extra…

      1. True, and this isn’t quite as privacy-destroying as the Astro – but many of the same overall concerns apply. (Even if it doesn’t currently try to face-match everyone in the house.)

  3. Unless it comes with an advanced CAA – Cat Avoidance Algorithm, it will end up in several pieces somewhere in a corner with Tiggrrr sitting proudly on the wreckage, little teeth marks, and claw scratches in the once pristine plastic.

  4. Either that or I deploy the new Amazon Astro Robot as a defensive shield.

    But, I’d bet on Tiggrrr any day over machine intelligence.

  5. It will be an extremely cold day below before I let Amazon or Google or Apple or ??? have unfettered access to my house. All of them have repeatedly shown that their “guarantees” of privacy are worth exactly zero. In fact if you ever see an Alexa or similar in my house you’ll know the bodysnatchers have arrived.

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