Many people (myself included) like to use security cameras like the Nest Cam to keep an eye on our home and property from anywhere in the world. Cameras are great at catching visual problems, but how can you be alerted if the temperature in some part of your house goes too high or too low, or… Read More

A couple months ago I reviewed the Notion home awareness sensor kit. I found the concept of one sensor that can report a variety of different types of data to be a great idea. Unfortunately, the reliability of the notifications and communication problems kept me from recommending it. I was recently asked if I would… Read More

Home automation, security, and remote monitoring are all hot topics right now. The ability to know that everything at your property is fine when we’re not physically there is a priceless gift for chronic worriers and people who like to feel in control. There are many systems on the market that will let you install… Read More

Have you ever wanted to know the temperature and there wasn’t a thermometer nearby? The ThermoPeanut is a thermometer that can go where you go or stays where you mount it. Let’s take a look at this simple little gadget. What is it? The ThermoPeanut is a small thermometer that is shaped like a peanut… Read More