Vaja Treo Case Review

Product Requirements: Device: Handspring Treo 180/270/300 It’s been a couple of months since I bought my Treo 300. During this time I found that the Treo was a little harder to get out of my pocket than my old phone, probably due to its increased size. This, along with fears of scratching the outside clear …

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Nisis DV2 Pocket Digital Video Camera Review

So you want a digital camera, a digital camcorder, a PC web cam, a voice recorder and a data storage device. So many gadgets but so little money after Christmas. Will say hello to the Nisis Pocket DV2 Digital Video Camera which delivers all these features in a truly pocket size gizmo and for only …

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Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-02-10

I’ve just put the new links pages online. You will notice some duplicate pages until we move everything over to the new database. Other than having the pages now created on the fly from a database, users can submit links. Please let me know if you notice any problems with the new system.

Vaja i-Volution Natu Tungsten T Case Review

Product Requirements: Device: Palm Tungsten T I’ve had my Tungsten T for several months now, and have been waiting impatiently for a perfect case to use with it. At the moment, I’m using a Digital Express flip case. It is a nice case, but I’ve been looking forward to receiving a Vaja case. I’ll admit …

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Sharp C700 Zaurus Review

As a longtime user of the HP200 and its predecessors the HP100 and HP95 (since the late ‘80s), I have been looking for a replacement for these seriously obsolete machines. A PDA which would keep the advantages of a useable keyboard, a real operating system (like the HP’s DOS) with wide software choices, while giving …

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