USB MicroSD Card Reader that is almost microscopic

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If you don’t have room in your gear bag for this USB MicroSD(HC) Card Reader from Brando, then you must be smaller than… a sea monkey. Sorry, it’s early and that’s the first really small thing that popped into my head. Anyway, this card reader is freaking tiny! The MicroSD card fits up inside the metal USB connector. It’s available now for $10.

7 thoughts on “USB MicroSD Card Reader that is almost microscopic”

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  2. @Julie

    Wow, that really is tiny!! I think I’d lose one of them if I put it in my gear bag….!

    Great idea though and least they wont take up much room in your bag/drawers/desk! 🙂


  3. first off…I love seamonkies!!(sp) haha

    and 2nd, man, these adapters are getting really really small. the MicroSD is small, but now using a small adapter for this is crazy. I think i would lose this in a min. I just wish that they would hurry up and release more of the 16gb microSD cards and I think I saw a 32gb one or heard of one. That would be great.

    Also, the makers of this adapter should get with the wireless mouse manuf. who make a similar product. But this one is used as the wireless link between the mouse and the computer. That would kill two birds with one stone. A wireless mouse adapter with a built in mircoSD card reader/adapter.

  4. That is very compact, but I don’t like the idea of having two pieces to the reader which could break apart or get lost. With a very small increase in size I much prefer the SanDisk “MobileMate Micro” reader. It is about the same size but is easier to insert and remove cards, and reads not only microSD and microSDHC, but also Memory Stick micro (M2). Just to clarify, I am not affiliated with SanDisk, I’m just a big fan of their readers!

  5. I picked up something similar made by Buffalo, model number RUF2-P-BK. I said similar because it has the same form-factor (although it might be a bit smaller), but you could not remove the chip from the adapter…it was fixed at 4GB (it does come in 2GB and 8GB capacity). Fast read performance, about half the speed of my hard-drive (HD 37.5MB/s, USB 16.9MB/s). I was not able to see what kind of card it had since that would entail ripping it apart; I was able to pry it apart enough to see that it did have a microSD card inside. There is one that Buffalo carries, model number RMUM-4G/BK, that is the exact same one as the item reviewed…I think it cost about $7-8 for the reader and extra for the card itself; the model that I’ve purchased cost about $18-20 in Japan.

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