Real men aren’t afraid to carry gear bags

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muzetto Waterfield Bags, one of my all time favorite gear bag companies, has just announced the Muzetto Urban Man Bag. These bags are made of distressed dark Brown leather, with your choice of two sizes and 6 color accents. Guys like David Beckham, Robert Downey Jr. and Brad Pitt have been seen sporting man bags, so the rest of you can now get in on the wave – if you’re not afraid 😉 I know that Waterfield is marketing them for men, but I want one!

19 thoughts on “Real men aren’t afraid to carry gear bags”

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  2. I actually bought a WF sleeve bag for my Lenovo X300. Loving it. The padding size is perfect without making it bulky. And the quality of SF bags are very good.

  3. I really want one. I have a sleeve for my laptop which would fit just fine. Now if I can avoid all the jokes with being the first one with a man purse in my office and my customers.

  4. I’ve been sporting my Fossil Murse for some time now. But at my size, I could wear lipstick, high heels, and a push-up bra, and I don’t think anyone would snicker too much, I carry my man bag proudly… 🙂

  5. I’ve been using a full size laptop/messenger bag for the past 8 years. Mainly for commuting into Boston with for work. I like the look of these as well as the functionality and would like to downsize my current bag to something like this. Thanks for the heads-up on these.

  6. While real men certainly can rock a shoulder bag*, real men don’t drop $200+ on it. Jack Bauer on 24 uses a canvas faux military surplus bag that retails for about $15, and Indy uses a WW2 gas mask bag with a replacement shoulder strap that you can grab an authentic version of for about $40-50. Would Teddy Roosevelt have spent money for something like this- no! He would have torn the flesh off of an angry grizzly and sewn it with the bear’s own entrails… but I digress.

    They may not last forever, but real men (and, from what I can see, women as well) usually don’t WANT to carry the same bag for very long.

    (By the way, real men don’t worry about calling it a ‘murse’, ‘man bag’, or whatever. It is just a bag. Gear or shoulder bag is OK, but ‘bag’ is all we need.)

  7. Ever since I bought one of Waterfield’s sleeves about six years ago, I’ve been buying most of my gear from them. Every freakin stitch is perfect. The quality of their stuff is unbelievable. So, I guess it’s paradoxical to say that “I’m a believer”. Or maybe it’s ironic. Whatever. Their customer service is great too. That is one nice looking bag and I’m sure I’ll be getting one eventually.

  8. I can’t imagine a place where any person would be ashamed to carry a bag, if that person wanted to carry a bag. I gather, however, that such places exist. At the very least, I agree with Mark insofar as his argument that we call these simply “bags.” It will be obvious from the bags’ style and usage that they are intended for men. If we’re going to call these “man bags” we might as well refer to our shoes as “man shoes” and so forth.

    I disagree with Mark that a high price makes a bag less suitable for “real men” any more than an expensive purse would somehow be unsuitable for “real” women. Some people have more money to spend; some people have less. Some people prefer one look; others prefer another. Personally, I think “Jack Bauer on 24” is about the last person on fictional earth I’d want to dress like. But that’s just me.

  9. I see and agree with a lot of the good comments above. Apparently, nothing elicits opinions like a post on Man Bags. So while we’re discussing the different sides of this sensitive issue, I’ve come up with a definitive derivative of the varying philosophies on it all. It goes something like this:

    This is a topic pertaining to, in its essence, men.

    Therefore I derive that the cost of said Man Bag(s) is irrelevant, that the style of said Man Bag(s) is irrelevant, and the materials of construction of said Man Bag(s) is irrelevant. I derive that even the terminology used in this case is irrelevant, let’s just agree to call them whatever is comfortable for the subject. Man Bag, Murse, Gear Bag, Messenger Bag, Laptop Bag, Satchel, and so on…

    Stipulating the above observations, there is only one property that can be used to determine the validity of such an implement. Size. Again, we are dealing with a topic of/for men. It is therefore dictated that the only variable that matters, is size. A simple rule to live by when selecting a Man Bag:

    The larger the bag = the more gear to carry = more manly = just plain better = less potential for feelings of inadequacy when comparing your Man Bag with those of others

    That should do it, carry on men……..

  10. Ah… David… cost, style and terminology are irrelevant? You are suggesting that a Murse made from hot pink vinyl with Hello Kitty patterns that costs $500 would still be a manly bag? Although, I suppose with the right shoes and belt…

    Although I do agree with you in spirit. A ‘man bag’ by any name is defined by one thing- a man carries it.

    Size… dude- haven’t we been trying for decades to convince people that size is not what matters? Sheesh.

  11. Okay… So I bought one… Personal size with black accent… I have to say I am very happy. Wore to the bar with friends just to break myself in to the idea and after a couple of jokes it was over. Really like the bag.

  12. Late entry: No, sorry, this bag must not be carried by men. Men can carry bags, just not one like this. I have a Saddleback Leather bag, large. It’s heavy, but looks awesome and you can beat the $#%& out of it. It’s also pricey. I would also recommend a Filson bag. Currently using an Arcteryx Mistral bag. Very good with excellent weatherproof roll-top closure that’s quite easy to access.

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