I found this on the Hammacher Schlemmer site — “The Always Cool Pillow”, $90.  I’ve tried a cool pillow that was on sale at a certain drug store a while ago that but was disappointed in it– you had to fill it with water and listen to sloggying noises (not to mention getting your head… Read More

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The Tapi from DreamFarm adds a water fountain capability to your regular tap.   Just squeeze-n-snort. It doesn’t impede the normal flow and comes in a range of colors. $5 [Via OhGizmo!]… Read More

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I wanted my dog to actually write the review for the Shapoopie trial period we experienced, but he kept misspelling all the words and it was hard to read.  Example paragraph he typed: uy 7KL&:& ypr9e9yha; 7hjksbjkaa Hag;]    ]a;48*(&*38848kjkkjmnmn        mnnkljkljhg3s So I let him draw some of the illustrations instead. In short, the  Shapoopie ($24.95)… Read More

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Hey I found this on Lifehacker, Hipmunk gives you a gantt-chart view of flights at a glance. Thanks to Lifehacker… Read More

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What is That?

What is that? Do you have a guess… Read More

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I have an e-book reader I’m finding that I want to put everything that I have that is on paper into the device: books, magazine articles, users/owners manuals, cheat-sheets, blah, blah and blah.  But after spending several hours scanning an out-of-print book that was falling apart using my standard Epson desktop scanner a few weeks… Read More

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So, now that you’ve spent a few months now with your iPads.  So let’s hear what you have to say about them! So? So is the battery life ok for you? So is it heavy or awkward to hold on to when you are in full couch-potato slouch? So does it get hot in your… Read More



What’s more fun than scooping up poo on your dog walk?  Doing it with a new gadget.  The Shapoopie ($25) is a telescoping rod with a fetch pocket (ahem) at the very end.  Position the device under the uh, hot spot (ahem) and voila — no bending, scraping, squatting (er uhm well you know what… Read More

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Hate laptop desks because most of them force you to use the useless touchpad or run your mouse over a fluffy arm rest?  Hate laptop desks because most of them are just a big blob of wood or plastic that just takes up space?  Looking for a laptop desk that isn’t too bad?  Interested in… Read More

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What is this?

Hint: I found this at a real brick-n-mortar store and have never seen it again.  Too bad, cause it works pretty well. What do you think it is… Read More

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The FuelDoctor FD-47 is a device that can help increase fuel economy by conditioning electrical signals (e.g., aberrant noise, harmonics, spikes).  It consists of a set of electronics filters encapsulated in a shell that is inserted into the cigarette lighter of the car.  The concept is sound:  filter out transient spikes and help the electronic… Read More

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The Thrifty Cell Phone watch ($80 and the price keeps dropping) is one of the first viable (i.e. affordable, portable) cell phone watches I’d seen in a while.  While not for everyone, the concept offers an easy way to carry a phone without really carrying it.  It’s a nifty idea but is not something for… Read More

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The new release of the Amazon Kindle firmware, 2.5, was downloaded to my Kindle DX the other day.   (It has been steadily downloaded to Kindles over the past several weeks.  If you own a Kindle, just turn on the wireless mode and then choose the Sync & Download New Items  option.)  Among other things… Read More

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If you have a need to monitor the activities of your nanny, house sitter, house cleaner, or other part-time guests and need a no-brainer contraption to do so, the motion-activated SD-V03 Color Spy Camera from Spy Gadgets can do the duty.  While I don’t have a need to monitor my kids’ nanny, I do have… Read More

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Is it me or do I keep hearing the same stuff on satellite radio, no matter what channel I land on?  As Steve Earle would ask ” . . . is there any body out there one-two-three on the satellite radio . . .”  Some great tunes out there, no doubt, but, considering that there… Read More

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