If you live or commute in an area where cellphone signals are weak, the weBoost Drive 4G-X mobile cellphone signal booster may be the device you’ve been wishing for. At $479.99 it’s definitely a big purchase, but this booster provides a significant increase to any existing signal and it’s a breeze to install. The weBoost… Read More

I love Mid-Century Modern architecture, furniture, and interior decor.  I used to have one of the coolest Mid-Century telephones ever created – the Ericsson Ericofon.  It looked unlike any other phone that came before it; it was sleek, modern, and colorful.  I used mine for a while as an extension phone because the ringer didn’t work, but… Read More

Do you spend a lot of time in areas that lack cellular service?  If you do, you can supplement your cell phone with SPOT.  Anytime you find yourself in a remote (or not so remote) area without a usable cellular signal, you can pair your phone to the SPOT device via Bluetooth and “get connected to… Read More

There is a group of people who could use an alternative to the smartphone.  Those would be people in my age group (variously called baby boomers, senior citizens, the wrinklies, or Q-tips), some of whom have problems navigating the complex displays and keyboards of most cellphones.  Greatcall has an answer for these folks and has just come… Read More

The Noisehush N650 from WirelessGround is a bluetooth carkit that enables hands-free operation of your cellphone while you are driving.  It attaches to the car window, it charges by solar power, and it has control buttons on its face.  So would I replace my bluetooth headset for this baby?  Let’s find out. I have been a… Read More

There are so many great phones available right now, that it can be difficult to pick one. Flipping back and forth between vendor and carrier sites to read hardware specs isn’t always the easiest task. Luckily for you, someone is trying to fix that problem by creating a cellphone comparison site. It’s called Compare Cellphones and… Read More

Since my HTC EVO is replacing more and more of the other gadgets in my life, I was happy to discover that there is an entire category of enhancements for the camera lens, such as this magnetically mounted 2-part lens that brings wide-angle and/or macro capabilities to the party!The unit I got from Deal Extreme… Read More

The Thrifty Cell Phone watch ($80 and the price keeps dropping) is one of the first viable (i.e. affordable, portable) cell phone watches I’d seen in a while.  While not for everyone, the concept offers an easy way to carry a phone without really carrying it.  It’s a nifty idea but is not something for… Read More

In Pantech’s continuing effort to shifted its focus away from smartphones, it has announced a new messaging handset called the Pursuit. The Pursuit combines a full touch-screen and a QWERTY keyboard in a case that is available in lime or blue. This phone also incorporates an assortment of original apps including Drawing Commander, Face Tag… Read More

Remember the days of mobile phones that looked like you were carrying around a brick with a whip antenna sticking out of the top? Sadly, I do…. Remember day dreaming that it would be great having a watch that can communicate with others like James Bond or even Dick Tracy did back in the day… Read More