Online Tool to Compare Cellphone Features

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There are so many great phones available right now, that it can be difficult to pick one. Flipping back and forth between vendor and carrier sites to read hardware specs isn’t always the easiest task. Luckily for you, someone is trying to fix that problem by creating a cellphone comparison site. It’s called Compare Cellphones and it will let you do just that. It features an easy to use pull down menu of phone choices that filters as you type in brand and model names. Pick two like the Samsung Fascinate vs. the Motorola Droid X and it will then present you with a nicely formatted page of comparison info. Right now, they are missing some important features such as memory and battery capacity, but it’s a great start for a useful tool.

2 thoughts on “Online Tool to Compare Cellphone Features”

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  2. Oh.

    That website is of astonishingly poor quality and you should feel outright ashamed to have recommended it. The only – repeat, ONLY – phone that they have truly accurate information on is the iPhone 4… *and that’s it*.

    Examples of claims they make about phones that are simply wrong:
    * Nokia N8 supposedly doesn’t have multitasking or 802.11N wifi.
    * HTC Desire supposedly doesn’t have an accelerometer or digital compass.
    * Nexus One supposedly doesn’t have multitouch.
    * Nokia N900 supposedly doesn’t have multitasking, an app store, an acccelerometer, or an FM radio.

    Honestly, I’m disappointed with The Gadgeteer for recommending this. I’m used to y’all being smarter than this.

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