Goodpapa electric spinning toilet brush review

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REVIEW – Toilets.  We all have them.  We all use them.  We all have to clean them.  Raise your hand if cleaning the toilet is in your top ten favorite things to do?

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But cleaning the toilet is one of those things that needs to happen regularly.  Goodpapa recently released an upgraded toilet cleaning brush that aims to make that task a little less tedious.  Does it shine? Let’s take it for a spin and see.

What is it?

The Goodpapa toilet brush is a water-resistant, electric spinning toilet brush with UVC sanitization.

What’s in the box?

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  • Toilet brush (wand with UVC sanitizing light and battery/control portion)
  • Ventilated base with wall mount
  • TPR (thermoplastic rubber) brush head
  • PP (polypropylene) brush head
  • Household gloves (1 pair)
  • USB charging cable (USB-A to micro-USB)
  • User manual
  • Promotional card

Hardware specs

  • Dimensions: 18.25″ h (19.25″ with base) x 3.5″ w
  • Weight: 9 ounces with TPR head
  • Spin rate: 300 revolutions per minute (RPM) – 8Nm torque
  • Battery: 2,000 mAh lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 150 minutes
  • Charging: USB 5V/1A – 2-hour recharge
  • Brush material:
    • TPR (1 head)
    • PP (1 head)
  • Wand material: ABS plastic
  • Water resistance: IPX6 (can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water)
  • Brush sanitizing: UVC light self-cleaning
  • Brush lifespan: over 1 year
  • Base: Floor-standing or wall mountable, ventilated

Design and features

The electric spinning toilet brush wand arrives in two pieces, the battery handle, and the brush end, that have to be screwed together.

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When screwed together, the entire wand looks like this.

goodpapa toiletbrush 10

You can see the single control button and the decorative trim between the wand pieces are finished with a rose gold colored finish.  Pressing the button turns on the wand, turns off the wand, and turns off the UVC LEDs if they have turned on.

An indicator LED is hidden in the handle near the control button.  It lights when the brush is on and when charging.

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The end of the wand contains UVC LEDs that light up for two minutes after you turn the wand off.

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In the center, you can see the clip where the brush head attaches.

There are two included brush heads.

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The one on the left is the TPR head.  The one on the right is a more traditional PP head with much stiffer and abrasive bristles.  You can see the brush attachment slot pretty clearly inside the TPR head.

The head clips securely onto the electric spinning toilet brush wand.

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A good tug lets you pull the head back off the wand.  Goodpapa thoughtfully includes a pair of gloves for those times when you need to remove and replace the head.

On the other end of the wand, we find the micro-USB charging port.  Why not USB-C?  Who knows?

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The base is essentially a cup with a vented base.

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Goodpapa includes an adhesive pad that slides into a slot on the back of the base.  If you don’t want to just set the base on the floor, you can stick the pad to the wall and mount the base on the wall.

Here’s a close-up of the ventilation holes at the bottom of the base.goodpapa toiletbrush 4

The inside of the cup has drain slots that allow excess moisture to drain from the brush head into the base so it can evaporate.

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The brush fits nicely into the base.

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After you turn off the wand, the UVC LEDs illuminate to disinfect the brush head.

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Even when in the cup, UVC light is still visible.

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Care should be taken not to look directly at the light as UVC can be damaging to the eyes.


Setup of the GoodPapa electric spinning toilet brush involves screwing the wand pieces together, charging the wand, and attaching the brush head.


Let me start by stating emphatically – we clean our toilets!  We clean them regularly!  In fact, my lovely wife cleaned them the week before I did this review – by hand – with a toothbrush! (I wondered why my toothbrush felt wet…hmm…)

We have two toilets in our home – one in our en suite bathroom and one in the guest bathroom.  I hit them both with the Goodpapa.  Let’s see the results.

First up – the en suite toilet.  This one has a built-in bidet and a little more complicated water flow system that is kind of a pain to clean.  There are lots of nooks and crannies that are very hard to get into with a brush.  In addition, the toilet came with a bowl surface supposedly resistant to staining.  We’ve found that not to be true, as even with regular cleaning, there is a slight line by the waterline that we can’t ever seem to scrub away.

My first shot at cleaning was with plain water so you could get a better view of the action.  Let’s say I was a little surprised.

Ew, right?  Even with a hand scrubbing last week, there was still some crud stuck up in the back in the water inlet channel.  The Goodpapa brush made short work of that with its TPR fingers reaching deep into the channel and pulling out all the yuck.

Next, I added some cleansing solution and hit it again.

The toilet bowl came out nicely clean, although there was still a slight waterline mark remaining.  I expect that is now a permanent fixture and even the excellent scrubbing action from the Goodpapa brush won’t eliminate it.  I was impressed with all three water inlet channels and how clean they looked as well as the overall clean appearance of the bowl.

Finally, I attacked the guest toilet with some of the ubiquitous blue juice and the Goodpapa brush.

Once again, some hidden gook was dislodged by the Goodpapa brush and we wound up with a sparking bowl.

The weight of the brush seems just right to me.  Light enough for anyone to use, but hefty enough to feel like you can apply a little pressure without worrying about damaging the brush.  The torque was quite impressive.  Even when pushing on the brush a bit, the motor dutifully spun away, giving a great scrub to the bowl. It was nice to not have to do the scrubbing and let the brush do most of the work, with me just assisting with a little pressure here and there.

At the end of all three videos, you can see the sanitizing lights illuminate almost immediately.  To me, the delay before the lights turn on is a little too short. UVC light isn’t eye-friendly, and there’s no protection provided.  I would prefer a 30-second or even 1-minute delay to be sure you can get the brush drained and put into the base before the lights turn on. Alternatively, there could be a light sensor so the lights don’t turn on until the head is in the base.

Speaking of draining, letting the brush spin above the water for a few seconds after cleaning mostly purged the water from the brush, all but eliminated the dreaded brush drips on the floor between the bowl and the brush base.

I should also note that the 300RPM spin rate seemed to be perfect.  It spins fast enough to really scrub, but not so fast that toilet water sprays all over.  I didn’t experience any spray at all.

One thing to note is that they claim IPX6 water resistance, and that has to do with high-pressure water spray, not submersion.  Given that this is designed to be submerged in the bowl, I don’t get that, but it seems to work just fine. so, yeah.

Finally, a compliment on the handle design.  When the brush finally needs a charge, you can spin off the top portion of the handle that contains the battery and charge port.  The messy end remains in the base, so charging is simple and clean.

What I like

  • Solid build quality
  • Simple controls
  • Excellent cleaning power and results
  • The TPR head scrubs without being abrasive
  • They include a PP head for those extra scrubbing needs
  • The battery and charging end of the wand unscrews for charging

What I’d change

  • Please use USB-C charging!
  • Provide a longer delay before the UVC lights turn on or only turn them on when in the base

Final thoughts

A toilet brush is a toilet brush, right?  That’s what I thought, but the Goodpapa electric spinning toilet brush changed my mind.  While cleaning the toilet still isn’t on my top ten list of things to do or top 1,000 for that matter, the Goodpapa brush certainly makes the chore a lot less tedious.

Now, to figure out what’s going on with my toothbrush…

Price: $29.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Goodpapa.

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  2. Fred Schuhmacher

    RE. Goodpapa Toilet Brush.
    What you forgot to mention that the manufacturer does not furnish a USB charger to plug the cable into a wall outlet.
    So you have to buy one yourself. Not an expensive item but annoying.
    Otherwise I like these units and I would buy them again.

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