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What’s more fun than scooping up poo on your dog walk?  Doing it with a new gadget.  The Shapoopie ($25) is a telescoping rod with a fetch pocket (ahem) at the very end.  Position the device under the uh, hot spot (ahem) and voila — no bending, scraping, squatting (er uhm well you know what I mean) involved.

12 thoughts on “Shapoopie!”

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  2. Not to be the skunk at the garden party but these kinds of “pooper-scooper” gadgets always stike me as ridiculous. What need are they trying to fill? How hard is it to flip a bag inside out, pcik up the poop, tie the bag and deposit in a receptacle? Simply, straight forward, inexpensive, perfect. What does someone do with the poop once they’ve managed to get it inside this container (they never work as well as suggested)? What do you then do with this poo covered gadget? Is someone really going to want to have to remember to carfry this around with them when walking Fido? These things are nothing more than another way to separate people from their money and have no practical need or purpose in my view…just something else that people will think is cute until they use it once, then realize that it was a bad purchase and into the landfill it goes. KIS principle people.

  3. The one interesting thing about the Shapoopie is that it was invented by actor Tony Shaloub’s brother. I don’t know if he was joking but he said that because of the telescoping handle they considered calling it the Long Arm of the Log.

    1. Lynda Sizemore

      Way too funny! Seriously, when my blind husband needs to walk his dog, where could the tool be found to purchase? On Amazon? Thanks!

  4. Janet Cloninger

    The Shapoopie website says the device is useful for people who have physical problems that make cleaning up after their dogs difficult – although anyone can use them, of course. And the device has liners that make disposal easy and keep the device from becoming poo-covered. Apparently, you use the Shapoopie as a “catcher” not a “scooper”.

  5. The Music Man (spelled “Shipoopi”). And a new verse:

    A doggie who poops on his very first walk is usually a puppy,
    And a doggie who poops the second time round is anything but fussy.
    But the doggie who waits till the third time around,
    Nose in the air, poop on the ground!
    He’s the pup you’re glad you’ve found, and you need your Shapoopie.
    Shapoopie, shapoopie, shapoopie, the tool you’ll love to get.
    Shapoopie, shapoopie, shapoopie, the best thing for your pet.

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