So, what are your thoughts on the iPad after 106 days?

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So, now that you’ve spent a few months now with your iPads.  So let’s hear what you have to say about them!

  1. So?
  2. So is the battery life ok for you?
  3. So is it heavy or awkward to hold on to when you are in full couch-potato slouch?
  4. So does it get hot in your hands when using it for, say, more than an hour?
  5. So have you tried reading PDF files on it?
  6. So can you zoom in and out on PDF files?
  7. So how is it for reading other eBooks on it?
  8. So if you find a video on the internet that you want to download so that you can watch it later, can you do that easily?
  9. Likewise, if you find, say, a PDF document or other file on the internet, can you download that directly to the iPad for later viewing?
  10. So if a friend gave you a USB stick with a cool video or PDF file or pictures on it, how do you get those onto the iPad?
  11. So when you play MP3 files, does it play them in order and does it remember the last file played if you turn of the iPad and restart it later?
  12. So how many people have seen you with it and asked about it?
  13. So would you prefer to have had an Android or Windows-based operating system?

25 thoughts on “So, what are your thoughts on the iPad after 106 days?”

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  2. A love-hate relationship. I did not plan to buy an iPad. However, when we saw the lines at an Apple Store, actually held one, etc., I stood in line 3 hours to get one. After the first week, I was ready to sell it on eBay. Thought it was just a big toy. Then, realized the huge benefits; it is so much faster than booting up a PC, the battery lasts forever, traveling with it is the best, it is very dependable. It does a great job on the things I need; email, Word and Excel files, Worldmate travel, Google Maps, Drop Box, music, movies, photos. It is a WiFi model so pairing it with a Verizon MiFi works perfect. Taking it to a business meeting is like taking a notepad and avoiding all the PC smutz. The only downside is using it as an e-reader. It is heavy compared to my Kindle. Otherwise, I am very impressed and will not be selling it on eBay anytime soon, or at least until there is something better.

  3. 2) battery life is great
    3) sometime, very awkward compared to kindle
    4) yes, but everything does after an hour
    5) yes, PDFs look great
    6) yes
    7) pretty good < kindle
    8) not at all
    9) nope
    10) you don't
    11) yep, just like iPod
    12) I hide it and avoid the attention
    13) windows pad would be cool and much more useful

  4. Haven’t put it down since I bought it 🙂

    Battery life is great. Not awkward on the couch at all. I have not noticed it getting hot at all. I bought it to read pdfs, the apps work wonderfully, including zooming in. I love it to read ebooks, especially in bed. I have not tried to download videos to watch later; I’m not sure it can download directly from the internet. If given files, I would put on Dropbox, or sync with iTunes. It works like an iPod. It gets a lot of attention from others. I’m not a fan-boy, but the iOS meets my needs right now.

    The whole file management thing has been an issue from the start, but apps are available (more this month) that handle that concern in various ways. On the other hand, I have used it to create mind-maps and diagrams for work on the go and emailed to either myself or others as needed and that seems to work just fine as a transfer method.

  5. 1. So far I likre it. I don’t use it as much as I tought I would. Although this is probably curbed by my i4.
    2. Battery life is great days without charging.
    3. Not at all.
    4. I have a Speck Candyshell on it, so no.
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. Love it, especially with iBooks syncing with iOS 4.
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. I know there’s a way if it’s jailbroken, mine is not.
    11. In order
    12. at least 20+
    13. I’d like to see a WebOS version.

  6. Truly one of the things I could not do without. Besides fun stuff, I find I use it increasingly for work. There was a learning curve, but once I starting using QuickOffice and Dropbox etc. I started to discover some of the real capabilities of this amazing device.
    I actually like the size of the screen and have gotten completely used to the weight. PDF’s are amazing on the iPad. Educational apps ditto- you can learn about anything on this thig – from art to Chinese.

  7. Battery is surprisingly good. But since I rarely take it out of the house I always have a plug nearby.

    Totally too heavy and awkward to use. I hate it for that.


    Haven’t tried PDF files. But I made my own e-books and loaded them into the iBooks app.

    Haven’t found any videos, but I’ve been so disappointed in how many web sites have Flash content I cant see or use.

    I’d just put cool video or PDFs on my computer.

    I haven’t loaded much on it as I bought the smallest hard drive and I don’t have room for much beyond books.

    But a friend brought her 11 year old son over and I prepared the iPad with fun games for the kid to play. The best was a snowboard game that he used the iPad to control physically. And a game that let him draw pictures. I would have liked a camera in the iPad to make that game better.

    I think I’d rather have Android.

  8. I have had my iPad for about six weeks. I am a graduate student and have also traveled twice with it. I used the iPad for reading PDFs, email, and taking notes in class. I am surprised at how often i share pictures on it. I occasionally watch movies from iTunes,, and YouTube.

    The thing I like most is that it does get a little heavy,but this forces me to shift position more often. With the iPad, unlike a laptop or desktop, it works in many positions. I had problems with neck and back pain working on laptops, and the iPad helps reduce my discomfort because I move more. I am not tied to a desk or to a power outlet. If I get uncomfortable, I get up and walk around and the ipad goes with me.

    I went through airport security four times in the past six weeks and never had to take the iPad out of my bag. That alone makes it awesome for travel.

    I take class notes using both evernote and penultimate. Evernote is for discusion classes where i keep track of the flow of the conversation and refer to my abstracts for the readings. Penultimate is for everything that is fast or needs symbols or diagrams. I can email pages as PDFs to evernote.

    For me the biggest downside is the touchscreen keyboard. I am a very fast touch typist, but I have had a sharp learning curve with the iPad. Especially since I have to look at my fingers to make sure they are on the home row keys. I also have to keep my fingernails trimmed or else they get in the way of typing.

    I read a lot of PDFs – mostly class reading and academic publications. I used Papers for searching, downloading and reading academic publications. I recommend it highly. I don’t scribble on my papers, I just write a text summary after reading, so the lack of highlighting in Papers isn’t a problem for me.

    I love to share the iPad with friends, especially watching YouTube and looking at photos. When people ask about it, I immediately shove it in their hands and make them browse pictures or the web. Touching it makes all the difference. Airplane flights go quick because my seat mates all want to try out the iPad.

    Dropbox has solved many of my file transfer problems. Most apps will connect to drop box. I have moved a lot of my files there so i can read them on my laptop and on my iPad.

    My husband loves plants v zombies. His biggest hangup is web sites that direct the iPad to the mobile version of their web pages and won’t allow him to use the regular version of web pages on the big screeen.

  9. 1. I bought it for travel, as I like to use my (tightly controlled and monitored) work laptop for work only. While I wish it were lighter, it works nicely for email, RSS, and PDFs. But the lack of true multi-tasking drives me nuts. And the inability to password protect individual apps – like, say, your email – is annoying. The UI? Fluid, and just plain nice to use.

    2. Batter life is phenomenally good. It’s not an issue at all.

    3. Without a case, I found it to be really unwieldy. The beautiful, curvaceous, slippery sloped back and tapered edges are a triumph of form over function. In a Marware case (which I *love*), however, it’s easy to manage.

    4. I haven’t noticed excessive heat.

    5. PDFs work nicely, as they’re integrated into the iBooks app.

    6. Yep, PDFs respond to the same multitouch gestures as web pages. Pinch and flick to your heart’s content.

    7. I haven’t really used it for this.

    8. Haven’t tried to do this.

    9. Even if you choose a “download” link, it just opens the PDF. I don’t really see a way to save it. Not cool.

    10. I would use Dropbox. Then, if it were a video, I’d spend a few minutes swearing like a sailor because it’s not in the tiny set of formats the iPad actually supports.

    11. It plays them in order, and remembers where you left off.

    12. I’ve only had a couple of strangers ask me about it. My family, however, couldn’t get enough of it.

    13. I bought a 32 GB model used for $500. I figured I could buy it for that, use it for a few months, then ditch it for little/no money lost when the Androids invade (I have my eye on you, Notion Ink Adam and Samsung Galaxy Tab). Things I want that it does not do:

    – As I said before, multi-tasking. Using the Craigslist app, then popping out to check a map, then restarting the Craigslist app to find you’ve been booted all the way back to the beginning is annoying and a waste of time.

    – Flash support. HTML5 might be the future; but I want utility now. Come on, Froyo!

    – I want an SD card slot. If I’ve just taken pictures, I shouldn’t have to buy another accessory just to read an SD card.

  10. The software and hardware work in a harmony never before seen, good luck android copying an iPad like you tried to do iPhone 🙂

  11. I like the iPad, but there are two notable shortcomings: First, the inability to use Adobe Flash – a huge drawback. Second, getting files on it is very awkward; I’d like an SD card for storage. It is like a giant iTouch and it should be different (the two mentioned shortcomings should be fixed).

  12. Wasn’t real crazy about the Ipad at first because I needed it for updating news on my website and there was little software for HTML design and updates. But, after loading on it, I was able to use my PC at the office anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect! — Rick

  13. 1. Battery life is amazing
    2. It is a bit heavy but it is not really problem
    3. Not very hot even after playing games for several hours
    3. Books PDF Nice!!!
    4. I can zoom in and out on PDF files?
    5. See above
    6. – 8. Yes! There are a number of options for up- and downloading files. Does take time to decide what options worked best for me.
    9. Dropbox
    10. I do not use my iPAD to play mp3s. Not sure why????
    11. Way more than I can count.
    13. It is the most enjoyable computing I have experienced. Competitors will have to work hard to get my attention!

  14. L-O-V-E Love it! I use it mostly as a reader, with a few games to keep me entertained. I have a 3G model so I can check email on the fly, and am looking into a bluetooth keyboard so I can do more writing on it. If I didn’t need my desktop computer for serious image editing, I would get rid of it and only use the iPad.

  15. Have just used it for my first overseas work trip since I got it and found the ability to make quick notes as I walked around an exhibition to be a real asset. The instant start up reminds me of the old Psion 5 which in light of this device was far ahead of it’s time.

    The keyboard key shapes should be revised to be less easy to tap the next key along and the spell checker is over enthusiastic so I have turned it off – I’d rather MY mistakes than Apple’s.
    This device has the potential to become a useful work device, but we usually find Apple take their time about pleasing business users in my experience. The FLASH issue is just a cretinous issue for Apple and Adobe to have got themselves into. About time they both grew up and reached some mature compromises.
    Screen gets depressingly dirty.
    Impractical without a case – when will apple start designing things people can use without wrapping them in plastic and rubber. The official apple case though remains the most practical though I am hoping to get my hands on OTTERBOX’S cases. They make practical gear.
    Still lots of software glitches but happy to be on the learning curve of this not so new device ( I am about to ebay my old HPTC1100 which was wonderful.) Cant believe that apple did not make it possible to use it with a pen and have left it to POGO to do it not very excellently for them.
    SD Slot
    Different skins for MAIL and Calendar.
    Combined MAIL messages into one inbox
    Inbox to be organised as per on mac.
    To Do’s is missing
    One click to scroll to the bottom of “Photo’s”.
    Photo programme is VERY Primitive ad needs much improvement in terms of organisational functions.
    Anti spam function
    ….hmmm maybe I should eBay it?!!!
    “In Apple I trust they will make it better” !

  16. One thing about the iPad experience: When I visit my mother, I just handed her my iPad so she can view the photos of my family. It took her a couple of seconds to learn to use the swiping, pinching and other gestures. The experience is much better than that of a laptop.

    Here are some answers.
    1. So awesome
    2. Battery life: need improvement. I have to charge every night.
    3. Awkward to hold, slippery without case, kind of heavy after holding for a while
    5. PDF experience is 10 times better than with my Sony Pocket Reader’s 5-inch screen because of the iPad’s large screen.
    7. eBook reading is fine, but I prefer reading it on my Sony Pocket Reader: the device is lighter for prolong reading, less attraction (i.e. let me check my email, stock, farmville …), the battery lasts 20 times longer.
    8. Not easily: I will have to save the link, go to my laptop and download. After that, I view it using AirVideo.
    9. I can download docs directly using Good Reader

  17. 2 battery is perfect 2 days of business and personal use
    3 little heavy but the leather case I have makes it easier
    4 doesn’t get hot at all
    5 PDFs in iBooks and goodreader
    6 PDFs fine to read zoom in out etc better in goodreader
    7 not big on ebooks personally, use goodreader as it has docs, excel and PDFs allowing folder filing also 
    8 I watch Internet video never need to save it
    9 I download files such as PDF in the alternative browser icabmobile the open in goodreader
    10 if a friend had a USB stick or called it a stick I would point and laugh at how old fashioned they were
    11 don’t use iPad for music except podcasts and spotify
    12 I am a mobile data consultant, I make people see me using it and try to sell services based on that
    13 android looked and looks promising but too slow to market, that goes treble for windows

  18. Such a great device – I don’t buy first gen, but when I first heard the rumblings, felt this was something I’ve been waiting 20 years for – I watch videos, prepare lesson plans, work on projects, easy access to the internet, easy connections with wifi, battery life is amazing, easy access of all documents PDF and otherwise, easy ability to move docs and pics and videos wherever you want, great for reading – find I read a lot more books, and I’m writing a book and articles on it currently, carry it with me everywhere, became and informal salesman since so many people come up to ask about it, you just let them play with it, and they’re hooked. Even created a website for it (never do that kind of stuff before) – congrats Steve Jobs, amazing media consumption and production device – and you just know they’re going to add even more things to it – can’t wait!!!

  19. 1) Already sold my 16GB 3G, used it for navigation in EU… angrybirds HD is great, but no camera is meh
    2) I never got close to the 10hr mark
    3) Totally too heavy, esp for 1 hand, its a wrist-breaker
    4) Yep, hott
    5) Yes, and could NOT handle 50MB RHEL Books well..
    6) IDK
    7) Sucks compared to my nook
    8) Heck no, this is apple you are talking about… 4hrs of handbrake and you will still be dissapoint
    9)I guess
    10) I used the camera connection kit, and its PAINFULLY slow for large sets of pics
    11)Never used it for music
    12) Everyone in EU that saw it… made it a PITA to use, not to mention international data is $20 for 2mb or something rediculous
    13) Doesnt matter the OS, I just want more functionality, and a screen that doesnt suck in the sun

  20. I use my iPad mainly for eBooks. It’s a great tool to have compared to my friend’s Kindle since I’m able to use it for different things as well, but again, I rarely utilize it for anything except my eBooks. It’s a routine for me. I purchase at least one eBook every two weeks if not every week (from a website called, and I make sure my iPad is well stocked with all the titles I need. I go to the park, read there for a few hours, and I find the battery life to be great! It does get hot here and there, but not always. In all honesty, I would prefer an Android based device over Windows which is I have a Nexus One, but the iPad is great so far and until something better comes along, I will be sticking with it (which is what I tell those who inquire about it whenever I carry it around).

  21. I took my iPad to my grandkids. My 1 1/2 year old grand daughter loved it. She used some motor skills that she probably wouldn’t have encountered except with some toys… none being as diverse and requiring finer finger/hand movements. It is a little expensive to buy for a young child but if you have one in the family please let your kids use it.

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