Universal Tablet Stand


Aside from my smartphone, my tablet is the device I use most. I use it to watch movies, read books, listen to music, make purchases, etc.; hardly a day goes by when I don't use my tablet. I often run into two problems when using my tablet. One, the volume isn't always sufficient for me [...]

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Holding a tablet for an extended period of time can fatigue your hands and negatively affect your posture. The EzilStein (pronounced “easel + stein”) is a uniquely designed minimalist universal tablet stand that you wear for hands-free tablet viewing. The stand is made in the USA of lightweight anodized aluminum and wood that easily folds [...]

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You can forget about giving up your leg room to the tray table in your already cramped airplane seat when you use the Airhook drink and mobile device holder.  Hook the Airhook over the top of the tray and then lock the tray back into its upright position.  Your drink and your tablet or mobile [...]

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Flote Orbit tablet stand review


As long has there have been tablets, gadgeteers everywhere have been trying to find ways to hold them hands-free.  Today we look at the Flote Orbit, which on Flote's website is described as "Elegant. Ergonomic. Erresistible". (Click on images for full size) The Flote Orbit comes partially assembled in three parts:  The weighed base, arm, and [...]

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The folks at NKMOS are at it again... they have created a new high end smart-device accessory. The AirStand is a high end minimalistic, CNC machined aluminum universal tablet stand. It is capable of folding flat but has a support that can rotate 360 degrees. It uses the same sticky pad technology that is found in their premium in-car mount [...]

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The market is flooded with tablet holders.  What works in one case may not work for another.  And what if you change tablets from an iPad to an Android to something different?  The IDAPT Universal HUG Desk Holder addresses all of that in a cleverly designed tablet stand. The HUG Desk Holder comes in a [...]

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Hammacher Schlemmer proports to have the only lap desk that can charge your iPad and iPhone simultaneously.  The desk has an easel to support your tablet and phone; it's adjustable to nine different angles, so you can find the perfect viewing angle.  The legs are also adjustable to three positions, so you'll find the perfect [...]

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The JAS Mini aluminum stand from Cooler Master is made of light weight aluminum and is available in several colors including: silver, gold, espresso brown, sky blue, and forest green. This an attractively designed table top stand that can accommodate most smartphones up to an 8 inch tablet like the Nexus 7 or iPad mini. The [...]

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Although Adesso mentions Windows 8 in the title and Android in the description, the Compagno X Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard with Universal Case Stand for Windows 8 Tablets should work with any mobile device with Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology compatibility (backwards compatible with  2.1, 2.0, 1.2 & 1.1).  The aluminum keyboard has an 84-key US layout with scissor-switch [...]

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When you're watching videos, it's nice to have a stand to hold your tablet so you don't have to.  The BiONN SoundPad universal tablet stand has 2.5W stereo speakers embedded in the front legs for better sound than your tablet can produce on its own.  The stand works with iOS, Windows, and Android tablets; it [...]

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Multi-functional pens - how many are out on the market today? How many of us have them? The common themes among multi-functional pens is the ability to be used with today's smart phones. They'll have a pen on one end and a stylus on the other or on a cap. So how do you catch [...]

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Last year we told you about the acrylic Touch Base for Smartphones from newPCgadgets to keep your phone elevated and safe on your desk.  This year, newPCgadgets is offering a new version of this stand that works for both phones and tablets.  They call it the Apple Store Acrylic Base, but it should work for [...]

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Working where you want is very freeing - what true the promise of tablet computing.

The tablet stand is a totally new market, yet another that has sprung into being since the advent of the iPad and similar tablets in 2010. Two years ago, when you searched for iPad stand, or tablet stand, you got a few custom-built device holders, crafted in wood or acrylic, and most were more concerned [...]

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Keizus Quadropod review


Holding onto our devices during use can be a hassle. Be it a smartphone, tablet, phablet, iPod touch, or anything else, if you want to prop it up to use it to take a photo, watch a video, or have a video chat, an adjustable stand is something that's going to come in  handy. Several [...]

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Felix came onto the scene with the MonkeyOh tablet holder, which looked as if a monkey was holding your tablet for you.  It was cute and functional, but it didn't really fold up nicely to take along in your gear bag.  The TwoHands  holders do; they look a little bit like a giant clothes pin. [...]

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There are a lot of cooking apps and videos available for tablets.  You can watch videos as you cook to learn new techniques or follow a recipe in your virtual recipe box, but whatever you're doing on a tablet in the kitchen, you'll need a stand to keep it safe and viewable.  There are countless [...]

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Don't be fooled by the "i" in the name, the iProp Universal Tablet Stand  (not to be confused with the other iProp iPad floor stand reviewed by Julie) is a universal tablet/smartphone stand, which my Kindle Fire has been nestled in for a few weeks now.  It is advertised to be a self-adjusting stand that reduces neck [...]

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Castiv Tab Station

Are you a musician who likes to use your tablet device to record or practice your craft? Do you find it is difficult and inconvenient to do so because you lack a decent work surface where you want to record or practice? The Tab Station from Castiv may be what you are looking for. The [...]

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Remember the Octa TabletTail Vacuum Dock and Whale Tail stand (see related reviews)?  They have another TabletTail kit available, the MonkeyTail, and it's available now at BiteMyApple.co.  (BiteMyApple.co only sells successfully-funded former Kickstarter projects that have made it into production.)  Just like the WhaleTail kit, the MonkeyTail and the vacuum dock work with most tablets. [...]

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focalprice Portable Fold-Up-1

I like to travel. When I travel, I am almost never without my iPad and various accessories (cables, headphones, keyboard). The one thing I have yet to find is a portable stand that is not only lightweight but robust enough to stand up to the rigors of my travel. The Portable Fold-UP Stand from FocalPrice [...]

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When I first saw the Octa stand last year, I thought it was cute and whimsical.  Many gadget accessories are very serious and seem to be designed to fit into the most sedate business environment.  When designers do decide to mix it up, it's often just to offer a brighter color in the same overall [...]

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The Dock Minimal tablet stand is an indiegogo project.  It has a bow tie shape, and it's made of ABS plastic with a rubber coating in Arctic White, Black Onyx, Glacial Blue, or Lava Red.  It comes with a kickstand that can be used to adjust the stand to 20 different viewing angles.  It also [...]

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This Wellness Cloud is a bit different from other pillow stands for tablets.  It has a billowy shape that was inspired by clouds.  It has memory foam padding in the front to support your wrists and forearms.  It supports a tablet up to 11" wide; it works with "iPad 1, 2, 3 and mini, Samsung Galaxy [...]

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The Thai Pad from Levenger serves a lot of purposes.  You can use it to hold books or eBook readers, or you can use it as a tablet stand while you surf, play games, read, or watch movies.  The flat wrist rest is big enough to hold many Bluetooth keyboards, as you can see in [...]

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The BookWedge inflated wedge is, well, a wedge. A wedge that inflates. At this point you know just about everything you need to know about the product, including its website. I'll go ahead and prattle on for a few hundred more words anyway, because not only is this a wedge that inflates, it's actually a [...]

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