Sit back and watch movies with the EzilStein hands-free universal tablet stand

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Holding a tablet for an extended period of time can fatigue your hands and negatively affect your posture. The EzilStein (pronounced “easel + stein”) is a uniquely designed minimalist universal tablet stand that you wear for hands-free tablet viewing. The stand is made in the USA of lightweight anodized aluminum and wood that easily folds up into a small bundle that fits in your gear bag when you’re not using it. Once setup, your tablet will feel like it’s floating in front of your face at the perfect level for easy viewing. The EzilStein hands-free universal tablet stand is priced at $39.95 and is available now. Visit for more info.

8 thoughts on “Sit back and watch movies with the EzilStein hands-free universal tablet stand”

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  2. @Sandee: I DEFINITELY recommend getting one! I have one of my own and use it more than I could have EVER imagined and it folds up to literally fit ANYWHERE! I use it everywhere! In the car (as a passenger, of course), on the plane, in bed, on the couch, it’s amazing! Very stable and comfortable. It even supports my phone! To anyone else considering this, buy one! You will not be disappointed!

  3. It arrived and despite a set of instructions that looked complicated, I got it up in no time.

    It’s pretty terrific. I could easily have it propped up in front of me as I walk around giving a lecture (although I might look a little strange.)

    I can lie in bed watching netflix.

    I can walk around with it, but I wouldn’t try to use it for a brisk walk (or run) out around the park.

    Now I can’t wait for my next trip on a plane.

  4. As a follow up after 3 weeks, I can say I ADORE this product.

    The other day I took it to the hairdresser. Everyone was amazed and envious as I sat and watched Netflix.

    Only problem is it comes with a very strong band to keep the tablet propped up on the easel. But when I take it off, the band sometimes flies across the room. Thank goodness the cat thinks it’s a game and shows me where to find it.

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