Now keep your phone and your tablet above it all with this acrylic stand


Last year we told you about the acrylic Touch Base for Smartphones from newPCgadgets to keep your phone elevated and safe on your desk.  This year, newPCgadgets is offering a new version of this stand that works for both phones and tablets.  They call it the Apple Store Acrylic Base, but it should work for many phones and tablets, not just iPhones and iPads.  The acrylic base still has non-skid silicone rings around the top and bottom, so your device won’t slide off as it lays flat on the wedge and so the stand won’t slide around while you use the device.  This model has a groove cut into it so it can also support a tablet into a better viewing angle; it can hold the tablet in the horizontal or vertical orientation.  There’s even room for your phone when the tablet is in the groove.  The Apple Store Acrylic Base is $39.95.

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