Make a stand for your smart device with the Bpen

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Multi-functional pens – how many are out on the market today? How many of us have them? The common themes among multi-functional pens is the ability to be used with today’s smart phones. They’ll have a pen on one end and a stylus on the other or on a cap. So how do you catch the interest of perspective clients in this crowded market? Lior Avrahami thinks he has the idea with his Kickstarter project called the Bpen. The Bpen is actually three tools in one; it can be used as an ink pen, a stylus, and a smartphone/tablet stand. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Bpen has a little arm that swings out from the upper half of the pen body, allowing the arm part to be inserted into the earphone jack of your device to make a convenient stand. The Bpen is also available with an aluminum base unit for extra stability. This project also offers a mini version of the Bpen that is a stylus only but still has the stand functionality. There are several funding options for this project, with a $25 pledge getting you a set of two Bpens and two extra ink refills. This project runs until February 22, 2014, and if successful, it will start shipping the Bpen in the March 2014 timeframe.

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