The Airhook gives your airline seat a comfort upgrade

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You can forget about giving up your leg room to the tray table in your already cramped airplane seat when you use the Airhook drink and mobile device holder.  Hook the Airhook over the top of the tray and then lock the tray back into its upright position.  Your drink and your tablet or mobile phone will be held securely by the Airhook, and you can adjust the angle of the holder for reclined seats or to find your most comfortable viewing angle.  It supports phones and tablets up to 7.5″ tall.   Having the device closer to eye level means less neck and back strain while you watch videos or read during your flight, and it keeps the device safely away from children who are watching videos.

Airhook is a current Kickstarter project.  The funding period ends 

9 thoughts on “The Airhook gives your airline seat a comfort upgrade”

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  2. This is horrible!

    I have a trip to LA in two weeks. And another to LA in early October. A trip to London in late October. And maybe a trip to Denver in November.

    I need this NOW!!!

    1. Well, I finally got my Airhook. What a disappointment!

      Janet’s post from July 2015 was only a PR release of the Airhook. Itwasn’t actually manufactured till after January 2016.

      I was one of the Kickstarter backers and I got my device in March 2016. What a piece of junk!

      First, the holder for liquids is EXTREMELY flimsy. If you’re lucky enough to get the holder to clip into the four tiny holes, it’s likely to pop off if you take the cup out. The little pegs of plastic that fit into those holes are much too short to actually fit completely into the hole. So they can pop off. They manufacturing of the pegs should have been much more precise and the pegs should have been longer. I can’t believe the designer wanted the pegs that short.

      All the promotional photos show the product without the holder. But without it, it is not at all secure. And you’re likely to be wearing that cup of coffee or water.

      Next, the hook applied to the top of the tablet hardly holds the phone or tablet (device) in place. And if you tighten the bungee cord, the device goes flying off. I’m glad I tested it at home, over my bed or I would have lost my iPhone or mini iPad somewhere between the seats on the plane.

      It’s unlikely you could ever get any of them to stay stable.

      Next, the Airhook doesn’t work for anything except tray tables that lock into the seat in front. So it won’t work on bulkhead seats that give you a little more leg room. It won’t work on tray tables that come out of the arm rest. So it won’t work in most business class seats.

      Next, the photos with the instructions to put the Airhook together were taken in the worst possible lighting and the printing has created a muddy mess that is impossible to see the details of the product.

      Also, the photos don’t show the actual details of how the device fits into the tray table or on the device. I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out how it works. I would not want to have to deal with that while flying.

      Some of the promotional photos on the web are better. But they don’t show details.

      Finally, the entire product is flimsy. It reminds me of those “As seen on TV” gadgets. Great concept. Poor execution.

      I feel it was a total waste of money. We’ve got a trip to/from Hawaii this week. But since we’ve got bulkhead seats, the Airhook won’t work.

      But I don’t feel too bad since I don’t want to wear my drink or lose my table.

  3. I can see them not wanting the Airhook up and a large tablet (like the Windows Surface shown in the picture) installed during takeoff and landing.

    They don’t like it if my iPad is in the seat pocket during takeoff and landing.

    But once we’re airborne I don’t see a problem.

    In fact, this is actually safer/better than having the seat tray down. This doesn’t take up precious space between one passenger and the seat in front of them.

    Oh dear, those people sitting in the bulkhead won’t be able to use this wonderful invention.

  4. The fact that I can see this as immensely useful is something I find a damming critique of the airline industry: I honestly don’t think it would have been very useful or popular when I first remember flying. (Early 80’s.)

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