If you are a cook who likes to use a tablet to access recipes and food prep videos while whipping up your culinary delights, you should check into the Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount. Instead of taking up valuable work space on a kitchen counter like some tablet stands, this mount attaches to an existing overhead [...]

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The Jas Pro stand from Cooler Master is designed to complement your MacBook Pro of Air, but will work with any laptop or tablet, in almost any setting. It can hold the device open or closed, and has cushioning to protect all surfaces, as well as cable ports.

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What makes the TABU Universal Mini Stand phone / small tablet stand worth spending your hard earned cash for a Kickstarter pledge? First of all, it won't cost you very much. A pledge of only $9 will get you two of these little stands that can be used in a variety of ways. Your phone [...]

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With less than 2 weeks to go on his Kickstarter project, entrepreneur Dotan Saguy, the man behind the Smarter Stand iPad Stand Kit for the Smart Cover and Smart Case, has no worries that he will reach his funding goal of $10,000. That's because at the time of this writing, the earnings are already beyond that [...]

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The problem with most iPad stands is that they are designed to work on a flat surface like a desk and don't work well on your lap. tablift is an iPad stand for any location including your office, your living room, your kitchen and your bedroom. Featuring bendable legs and a holder with 3 different [...]

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The Smarter Stand is a great little add-on for your existing Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case. The Smarter Stand consists of two specially molded clips that slide on the sides of the Smart Cover to immobilize the folds, creating a stand. As an example, you can slide one clip over the first fold and [...]

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The Cooler Master ARC stand helps you tidy your desktop by placing your Macbook Pro in a space-saving vertical orientation when you're using an external display, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. When you're not using the ARC with your MBP, you can use it with your iPad. A smaller slot will hold the tablet in [...]

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The Standeazy smart phone stands work with most every smart phone on the market now.  They're made of polypropylene, and they are about the size of a credit card.  They fold up and store in your wallet when you don't need them, and they'll open into a stand that can support your phone in either [...]

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One word came to my mind the first time I saw the Magnus Magnetic iPad 2 Stand from Ten One Design. That word was sexy. It's the most minimalistic iPad stand I've reviewed to date. Is this stand just a pretty face with nothing to back it up though? Let's find out. Note: Click the [...]

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side view, showing acute adjustment for laptop.

Sometimes, however, you get to a location where there just isn't a good place to lay out your gear in any semblance of an order that will enhance your task at hand. Other times, you have so many different pieces of gear to use that there's no way to reach anything, if you don't have some sort of stacking system. Enter Crane Stand company, and their Crane Stand Pro.

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Sick of smartphone stands that are made for a specific phone only (like only an iPhone :) ) ? Sick of smartphone stands that don't work once you put a cover or a case on to protect your baby? The Oona is a collaboration by 3 guys out of the Bay Area that consists of a [...]

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SmartStation as work station, phone in landscape mode

The GiqueGEAR Smart Station is designed to act as a protective holster, a wallet replacement, and a workstation or stand for your smartphone. It claims to be "the ultimate home for your Android smartphone."  As a local company, GiqueGear (pronounced 'geek gear', I think) already has a special place in my heart, but the claim of [...]

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When you want to use your smartphone or tablet hands free, you really need some sort of stand for it. Just like cases, there are a wide variety of device stands on the market. Today I want to show you the FoneStand. It's an inexpensive plastic stand that can be used for iPhones, Android phones [...]

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So you've spent all that money personalizing your new gadget bag, forked out for that rare once in a lifetime  unobtainium material. What's the last thing you want to do? Put your new best friend on that dirty, icky floor. Worry no longer, Workiture has you covered. Their el-bagped stand (shown with a Timbuk2 bag) is [...]

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Bella Cases offers beautiful leather cases and sleeves for Apple iPhone 4, iPad, and iPad 2.  Each case is handmade in Turkey using fine Turkish and Italian genuine leathers.  Their cases have a polished, professional look and come in a variety of colors.  When they offered their Smart Libretto case for iPad 2 to The [...]

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Stump Stand Review

The Stump Stand

With all of the accessories available for your iPad, Kindle, Nook, TouchPad, Xoom, or other tablets, it isn't surprising that there are some great accessories and some not so good ones on the market.  Knowing which ones to consider for your own use can be a challenge at best, so I am always excited to [...]

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The InCase Origami Workstation is a well-made and thoughtfully designed case.

Carrying a keyboard for long typing sessions on a portable device can be a hassle. There are many keyboards that can connect, cases that contain keyboards, and stands that make the combination more useful. I recently purchased a case from InCase that is custom made for the Apple BlueTooth keyboard, and designed to also serve [...]

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We've reviewed our share of iPad stands here on The Gadgeteer. Today I want to show you another iPad stand, but this one isn't for your desktop, it's an iPad floor stand called the iProp. The iProp is an adjustable stand that will allow you to use your iPad hands-free for watching movies, reading, or [...]

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Sometimes you don't want to use earbuds or headphones to listen to music or videos on your mobile device. For those times, it's nice to have an external speaker. The Sony Ericsson MS430 Portable Media Speaker Stand offers a compact speaker that doubles as a stand. Note: The images in this review are clickable. Click [...]

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Alright, they are not from outer space, but they look pretty spacey right? The Rokform Rokstand's are available in 2 versions: desktop and folding, made of anodized aluminum with sound enhancing speaker ports.  The desktop stand which is $169.oo has 6 viewing angles and can be used with the iPad. It's available in a large [...]

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