Make your tablet stand and be seen with the Plinth pocket stand

Plinth Pocket Stand

Ah, the world of tablet devices. I love my iPad, but my problem with it is that it is not always convenient to use on the go. While I do have a Smart Cover for mine, it has its limitations, such as not being able to use your iPad in portrait mode. Plinth, a Kickstarter project from John Bull, hopes to change that. The Plinth is a lightweight, pocket-sized, fold-up tablet stand designed to be used not only by iPad users, but almost any tablet device. Basically the size of an iPhone, the Plinth can be deployed at the touch of a button. The bottom section of the Plinth has flip out wings to hold and support your tablet device while in use. The Plinth has two typing angles for typing mode, and it can also be adjusted to three different viewing angles to become a viewing stand. Made out of durable plastic, the Plinth can also be used as a book or notebook stand, making this a practical portable device. Funding for this project runs until February 1, 2014, and if successfully funded, will start shipping in the April 2014 time frame. The Plinth has several pledge points, with a £10 ( approximately $16.42) + £5 (approximately $8.21) shipping outside of the UK pledge getting you a Plinth in color scheme 1.

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