Lap desk

Every evening between 6 pm to 9 pm and later on the weekends, I turn from a mild-mannered Gadgeteer into a couch potato. If Jeanne and I are not watching our favorite TV shows and movies, we’re surfing on our MacBook Pros. Jeanne uses a larger version of the Lapinator laptop desk that I reviewed… Read More

This is perhaps the most beautiful laptop bag I’ve seen.  If only it came in red!  The Item 01 bag from La Fonction is made of aniline-finished cow leather and is lined with a cotton/polyurethane Italian canvas.  It measures about 17″ X 14″ X 2.4″ and weighs 4.4 pounds.  It fits newer-generation laptops up to… Read More

Come on, you know you have felt it if you own a laptop. You’ve felt it in bed or on the couch maybe even when traveling. Admit it, you have felt the heat on your lap coming from your laptop computer.  It can be more than discomforting – it can down right burn. The Comforter… Read More

If you use the Apple wireless keyboard with your iPad, you’ve probably run into the problem of not being able to easily use the combo on your lap. I have a solution for you… it’s the GroovBoard Lap Desk and Stand. It’s made of solid wood and can be used several ways. Let me show… Read More

There have been quite a few cases released for the iPad since it started selling, but the guys over at have come up with something even better – The Quirky Cradle. It has been designed to allow you to comfortably use your iPad when lounging on your couch, or even lying in bed! Made… Read More

Levenger offers a nice lap desk with room to read, write, or use a laptop computer on its cherry wood surface.  There’s a bean-bag cushion on the bottom for comfort and to protect your lap from heat when using a computer.  There are two elastic bands to hold small items in place, and one band has… Read More