An iPad Lap Desk….with a Twist!

iPad LapdeskThere have been quite a few cases released for the iPad since it started selling, but the guys over at have come up with something even better – The Quirky Cradle.

It has been designed to allow you to comfortably use your iPad when lounging on your couch, or even lying in bed!

Made from 1/4″ thick Plyboo (Bamboo Plywood, which is a sustainable alternative to wood), the Cradle has been designed to rest nicely on your legs and even has a woven, foam cushion on the underside, which allows for even more comfort.

Not only this, but on top of the Cradle you’ll see an integrated, soft-touch plastic plate which not only holds your iPad in place, but also allows you to rotate it from portrait to landscape in a matter of seconds.

Measuring just 21 x 4 x 13 inches, the Cradle is not only portable, but it’s very lightweight.  The modern design also compliments the iPad very well indeed.

You can get your hands on one for $52.50 as they are currently on pre-sale directly from Quirky

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